Points perform of renowned Weight Watcher foods: If you’re ~ above WW (or thinking around joining?) you recognize that the SmartPoints mechanism is central to the success the the FreeStyle Program. (How go FreeStyle work?) It’s comparable to the old WW point system, “PointsPlus,” but now includes about 200 healthy and balanced “free,” zero-point foodstuffs including fruits and also vegetables.

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With WW: load Watchers Reimagined, every food is assigned a suggest value based on four criteria: calories, protein, sugar, and also saturated fat. There’s no count calories v WW, and also as lengthy as you stay within your everyday points budget, you have to be losing weight. (It’s just straightforward math + science!)

Here’s a totally free list the the most-tracked load Watchers foods and also their points in alphabetical order. (often listed like: “eggs, scrambled” or “wine, red”)

WW smart Points List: 99 most Tracked Foods:


Ever wonder what foodstuffs are most frequently tracked top top the WW app? we did some research and also found what foods world on weight Watchers track the most, and also were pleasantly surprised to check out that many of the foodstuffs are healthy; many are also on the WW zero suggest food list!

List the Most-Tracked WW foods and also their points:

Almond milk: (plain, unsweetened, 1 cup) 1 SmartPointAlmonds, (1/4 cup, raw or roasted) 4 SmartPointsApple: 0 SmartPointsAsparagus: (makes her pee smell!) 0 SmartPointsAvocado: (Hass, 1/4) 2 SmartPointsBacon: (cooked, 3 slices) 5 SmartPointsBagel: (any kind, 1 small or 1/2 large, 2 oz.) 5 SmartPointsBanana: (Fruit is free!) 0 SmartPointsBeef, ground: (90% lean, cooked, 3 oz.) 4 SmartPointsBeer: (regular / lager, 12 ounces) 5 SmartPointsBlack beans: (canned, 1/2 cup) 3 SmartPointsBlackberries: 0 SmartPointsBlueberries: 0 smart PointsBread, 1 slice: 2 SmartPointsBroccoli: 0 SmartPointsButter: (1 tbsp) 5 SmartPointsCaesar salad: (3 cups) 10 SmartPointsCantaloupe: 0 SmartPointsCarrots: (baby, youth, or adult) 0 SmartPointsCelery: 0 SmartPointsCheese, American, 1 slice or 1 ounce: 4 SmartPointsCheese, Cheddar or Colby: (shredded, 1/4 cup) 4 smart PointsCheeseburger: (beef, 3 oz. W/ bun) 12 SmartPointsCherries: 0 SmartPointsChicken breast: (cooked, boneless, skinless, 3 oz.) 2 SmartPointsCoffee: (black, no sugar, 1 cup) 0 SmartPointsCookies: (chocolate, chip, oatmeal, sugar) 3 clever PointsCorn top top the cob: (1 medium) 4 SmartPointsCottage cheese: (fat-free, 1 cup) 2 SmartPointsCream or half & half: (2 tbsp) 2 clever PointsCucumber: 0 SmartPointsDeli meat, ham, honey, lean, sliced, 2 oz.: 2 SmartPointsDiet Coke, 12 oz. (0 SP)Egg white: 0 SmartPointsEgg, fried: 3 SmartPointsEgg, hardboiled: 2 SmartPointsEggs, scrambled: (w/ milk and butter, 2 or 1/2 cup) 6 SmartPointsEnglish muffin: 4 SmartPointsFeta cheese: (crumbled, 1 oz) 3 clever PointsFish, tilapia: (fresh, baked, 3 oz.) 1 SmartPointFrench fries: (20 fries or 6 oz., Yikes!) 13 SmartPointsFruit: (fresh, unsweetened) 0 SmartPointsGrapes: 0 smart PointsGreen beans: 0 SmartPointsGuacamole: (2 Tbsp) 1 SmartPointHamburger bun: (plain, 1-2 oz.) 5 SmartPointsHoney: (1 tbsp) 4 SmartPointsHummus: (2 Tbsp) 2 SmartPointsLettuce: (Romaine, iceberg) 0 SmartPointsMayonnaise: (1 Tbsp) 3 clever PointsMilk, skim: (non-fat, 1 cup) 3 SmartPointsMilk, 1%: (low fat 1 cup) 4 clever PointsMilk, 2%: (reduced fat 1 cup) 5 SmartPointsMilk, whole: (1 cup) 7 SmartPointsMushrooms: 0 SmartPointsMustard: (1 Tbsp) 0 SmartPointsOatmeal: (cooked, 1 cup) 5 SmartPointsOlive oil: (1 Tbsp) 4 SmartPointsOnions: 0 SmartPointsOrange Juice: 6 SmartPointsOrange: 0 SmartPointsPasta: (regular or totality wheat, cooked, 1 cup) 5 SmartPointsPeach: 0 SmartPointsPeanut butter: (2 tbsp) 6 SmartPointsPear: 0 SmartPointsPineapple: 0 SmartPointsPork chop: (3 oz. Cooked, lean, boneless) 3 SmartPointsPotato, baked: (plain, 1, 6 ounces) 5 clever PointsPotatoes, mashed: (1/2 cup) 4 SmartPointsRaspberries: 0 SmartPointsRed peppers: 0 SmartPointsRice, brown: (cooked, 1 cup) 6 SmartPointsRice, white: (cooked, 1 cup) 6 SmartPointsSalad dressing, balsamic: (vinaigrette, low-fat, 1 tbsp) 1 SmartPointSalad dressing, Italian: (not creamy 2 tbsp) 3 SmartPointsSalad dressing, Ranch: (2 Tbsp) 5 SmartPointsSalad: (mixed greens) 0 clever PointsSalmon: (wild-caught) 0 pointsSalsa: (fat-free) 0 SmartPointsShrimp: (cooked, 3 oz.) 1 smart PointSoda: (12 oz., Sprite, similar) 7 clever PointsSpinach: 0 SmartPointsStrawberries: 0 smart PointsSplenda: (1-3 packets) 0 WW pointsSugar: (white, granulated, 1 tsp) 1 clever PointSweet Potatoes: (cooked, 1/2 cup) 3 SmartPointsTomatoes: (Regular, grape, cherry) 0 SmartPointsTortilla chips: (1 ounce) 4 clever PointsTortilla, flour: (1 medium or 1 oz.) 3 SmartPointsTuna (canned in water, drained, 3 oz.) 1 SmartPointsTuna (grilled, 3 oz.) 1 clever PointTurkey bacon: (cooked, 3 slices) 3 SmartPointsTurkey burger: (3 oz. 93% lean, w/ bun) 9 smart PointsTurkey, deli: (sliced, low fat, 2 ounces) 1 SmartPointWatermelon: 0 SmartPointsVeggie Burger: (3 oz. No bun or cheese) 1-5 SmartPointsYogurt: (plain, low-fat, 1 cup) 3 SmartPointsYogurt, Greek: (plain, fat-free, 1 cup) 0 SmartPointsZucchini: 0 SmartPoints

As you deserve to see from our list of the many tracked foods on the weight Watchers app, most every fruits and also non-starchy vegetables cost you zero points. That’s WW’s means of informing you to eat a plethora that them, and they are a good alternative to negative carbs as soon as you crave miscellaneous sweet.

This WW points list is simply the most famous foods tracked on load Watchers, but there space thousands more (including the allude values of menu items from renowned restaurants) on the app if you’re a member of weight Watchers:

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WW point out List: Proteins

Weight Watchers urges you to eat lots of proteins, but mostly “lean proteins.” That way healthy proteins choose lean grilled chicken, pork, and beef will usually only price you a few points.

Fresh seafood is good for your everyday SmartPoints budget through 3 oz. Of shrimp, tilapia, tuna steak, and lobster just costing you around 1 point each. Holy mackerel!

There are also zero-point proteins choose grilled salmon and also egg whites the you should encompass in her diet.

Now, once you talk about meat with more saturated fat like hot dogs (6 SmartPoints), burgers, bacon, fatty beef cuts, and sausage (8+ SmartPoints), you’re going to have to pony up some points. So, it’s a great idea come look because that smart alternatives to this budget-busting proteins.

For example, since bacon prices you 5 points, think about substituting turkey bacon, i beg your pardon is precious 3 clever Points.

Weight Watchers clues List: fats & Oil

Did you know that a solitary tablespoon the butter will price you 5 SmartPoints? That’s an ext points than whole healthy enjoy the meal or snack!

Fats have a high density of calories, and also therefore cost you an ext points. Surprisingly, top top the WW clues list, this includes nuts, seed butters, and also even avocados. When you have actually the option, save WW point out by selecting a low-fat variation of fatty favorites choose butter, mayo, cheese, milk, and yogurt. (Choose Greek yogurt)

One of the best substitutions you can make is to acquire vegetable oil out of your diet and make a habit of utilizing extra-virgin olive oil instead.

Weight Watchers points List: Sweets & Desserts

There are no forbidden foods on load Watchers, however if you want the diet come work think about most sweets to it is in an occasional treat or reward.

Because a full-size coco bar is 12 WW SmartPoints, and also a 1/2 cup that ice cream is 7+ points, it provides sense to pick a low-fat alternative or smaller portion when available.

Worst dessert points-bomb? more than likely a piece of iced chocolate cake. At 22+ WW points every slice, it’s no a smart choice unless it’s her birthday.

Also, beware navigating the menu of restaurants choose Starbucks, together there space plenty of WW points-pitfalls!

Quick Warning around WW clues in rapid Food (Yikes!)

Think of fast food is a mortal enemy of the weight Watchers point out list. Sure, some restaurants have actually salads top top the menu, yet you should take into consideration every pilgrimage to a rapid food restaurant one indulgence.

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In case you don’t believe me, take into consideration that a worth meal with a burger, fries, and also soda deserve to ring-up 30+ points quickly. (Maybe that’s why it’s called, “fast food?”) Pizza is one more WW points-bomb and can likewise ring up a dizzying variety of Smart Points.

Full weight Watchers clues List?

Are you in search of a complete list of SmartPoints worths for every food? there isn’t a dependable (free) online list of all of the countless foods and drinks that you deserve to track on load Watchers since it’s as well cumbersome to list and also maintain online. The best method to see suggest values for foods items is within the load Watchers app, i m sorry is a main part the the diet.

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We likewise created a load Watchers points calculator to help you estimate both the FreeStyle Smart Points and Points Plus (old system) in any type of food based on the nutritional facts.

If you’ve currently joined WW, then that list is ideal at your fingertips on her phone once you download the app. If girlfriend haven’t joined yet, we have actually a couple of great WW coupons to save as much as 50% once you join!

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Thanks for exploring our WW points list for the most-tracked foods!