One the the many benefits of the breakthroughs in gardening is our capability to flourish lawns from sods. Part time ago, if you must own a lawn, you have to flourish it from seeds and also go v the painstaking procedure of caring for it it rotates maturity. Yet now, you deserve to decide come skip the procedure and thrive from sod. Before you opt to lug the most pallets girlfriend must take into consideration how lot does a pallet of sod weigh and costs that can incur, together this might be an extremely helpful in the whole sod environment process.

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Unlike when cultivation from seed, when you have the right to have your bag of grass seed on the earlier seat of her saloon car, for sods, you require a heavy-duty vehicle to carry them indigenous the farm yard to her home.

Now, many world schedule shipment for the sod and save themselves the stress. Still, if you already have a trailer, girlfriend may have the ability to save yourself part money if you pick it increase yourself.

The major question you’ll must answer to recognize if your heavy-duty auto is capable of delivering the sod is the weight of a sod pallet.

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How much Does a Pallet of Sod Weigh?

Why Pallet of Sod?

You may be questioning yourself, why pallets? Why not sod bags?

Pallets room originally used in shipping containers to aid the activity of heavy goods. Many of the pallets used are disposed of, resulting in a heap the this product in industrial areas. Due to the fact that of its plenty of advantages, pallets are now used in countless other areas.

Pallets are used to create garden designs, and also they are also used to lug sods.

Pallets do it so straightforward for forklifts to bring heavy sod and, together such, has come to be the main measurement for sods – depending on the dimension of the pallets.

Sods on pallets also permit the sod to last longer. This is especially important if you’ll not be using the sods immediately.

How much does a roll of Sod sweet – determinants Affecting

The grass is heavy and must be lugged in acceptable vehicles. However what affect the weight of the sod pallets?

Type that grass: different sod types have various weights. Some grass types weigh much more than others, so the kind of sod you’re buying will have actually a huge effect on its weight. The soil attached: the soil is vital to host the grass together and prevent that from fall apart. Soil is additionally important together it hastens the growing process of the sod. This is why a most soil is attached come the sod. This soil significantly affects the weight of the sod pallet.Moisture content: moisture is one more important variable in sod weight; it helps to store the sod alive and encourages faster development once that is inserted on the ground. Now, this humidity in the sod additionally affects the weight of the sod considerably. That is other you need to confirm native the farm yard to ascertain the load of the sod.Type that pallet: although this is not a really important factor, the does have actually a slight impact on the load of the sod pallet. The kind of wood offered to do the pallet can increase or decrease the load of the sod pallet.

Pallets dimension determines the load of sod it have the right to take. Regular pallets sizes can handle between 400 and also 500 square feet that sod. In comparison, bigger pallets comfortably carry in between 600 and also 700 square feet the sod.

How lot Does a Pallet that Sod Weigh?

This is a question I keep gaining every time. World want to recognize if their trucks can carry the variety of sod pallets castle need.

The weight varies since of the different components affecting it. The weight of a sod pallet have the right to be between 1500 and also 3000 pounds depending upon the grass type.

There space two types of grass at the end of the spectrum.

Bermuda sod pallet weighs 1500lbsSt. Augustine grass pallet weighs 3000lbs

As you have the right to see, this is no little weight and also will require a big enough car to lug this. Ideally, the minimum car weight to bring a pallet that sod is a three-quarter-ton vehicle.

However, the is recommended you usage a one-ton vehicle to carry a pallet that sod.

A sod pallet contains in between 50 and also 70 rolfes of sods. A many of people will want to know just how much a roll of sod weighs. The weighs around 30 pounds.

How numerous Feet will certainly a Sod Pallet Cover?

Sods are offered in pallets, and also their prices vary relying on the pallet size and grass type. Through average-sized pallets carrying in between 400 and 500 Square feet that sod, the area it deserve to cover in your yard depends on just how the sod is cut. 

Mini sod roll come in the median pallet dimension containing 400 come 500 Square feet that sod, while large sod roll come in huge pallet size containing 600 to 700 Square feet that sod.

How lot Does a Sod Pallet Cost?

The price the a pallet the sod depends on the high quality of the sod, kind of sod, price of delivery, and its price likewise varies from farm to farm.

You deserve to expect to salary anything indigenous $150 to $450 every pallet.

Depending on your measured area you can spend an median of $5500 come cover 1/5 acre the land.

Is choose Up her Sod precious The Stress?

If she looking come save cost and currently have a heavy-duty car you deserve to use then, you have the right to go ahead and pick your sod indigenous the dealer. You’ll get assist in loading the sod pallet into your vehicle, but you may need to offload the sods yourself when you obtain home. Having some friends assist you would certainly be beneficial.

If this is too much stress, you should take into consideration having the agency deliver the sod pallets. This will cost you a considerable amount the money relying on your home’s street to the farm.

Some farms likewise add free deliveries to your services, yet you’ll most likely have to for up to 2 weeks before it is delivered. If wait is not a problem, then this would certainly be a cost-effective and less stressful means to go. 

Should You rent A auto to choose Up her Sod?

You may be thinking of renting a vehicle to choose up your sod. But is that a viable decision?

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If you rental a automobile to choose up her sod indigenous the dealer, you will do it hardly save much, coupled with the anxiety of picking it up; this might not be a an excellent option.

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You should take into consideration having the dealer supply to you. 


How lot does a pallet the sod weigh, counts on details factors, and you’ll require a heavy-duty automobile to move a pallet the sod. If you have a one-ton vehicle and also wouldn’t mental the stress, you deserve to pick increase the sod pallet yourself and save top top cost.