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Adam Levine
Adam young name Levine
Father- Fred LevineMother- Patsy Noah
42 year old
18 in march 1979
He is Alive and also Kicking, no Dead.

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Los Angeles, California, unified States
Brentwood School, 5 Towns College
Mixed(Jewish, German and also Scottish)
In centimeters- 182 cmIn meters- 1.82 mIn Feet Inches- 5′ 11″
In Kilograms – 78 kgIn lbs – 172 lbs
The lead singer for the pop-rock tape Maroon 5
American singer, songwriter, and actor
$100 Million
14th November 2021

Adam Levine is a multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, music producer, songwriter, an actor, and also a singer. To date, the frontman of the pop tape Maroon 5 has tasted the sweetness of success both in and also out that the music industry.

In addition to churning out chart-toppers such together “One much more Night,” that has additionally dabbled in owning a record label, acting and also being a voice coach on The Voice one NBC truth talent show. Wondering exactly how much Adam Levine earns and also what’s Adam Levine’s net worth together of 2021? Well, such no more it’s all here keep reading.

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Is Adam Levine Married? Affair, mam & Children

Bio-Wiki, Birthday, Parents, Religion

Born top top 18 in march 1979 Adam young name Levine well-known by his skilled name Adam Levine hails from Los Angeles. The is the child of Patsy Levine, his mother, that moiled as a director and also Fredric Levine, his father, that was one entrepreneur. He was increased as a Jewish along with siblings through his parents, who later on divorced.

Levine’s father and maternal grandfather were Jewish, if his maternal grandmother was a Protestant. Levine considers self Jewish, though according come The Jewish Chronicle, he is spiritual yet not religious.

Education: School, College, University

In 1993, Adam studied and graduated native Brentwood high school, whereby he met his other team mates. He later pursued his scholastic in long Island.

Age, Height, Weight, body Measurements, Dead or Alive

As that 14th November 2021, Adam Levine is 42 years old, and also he is alive and also kicking, no dead. That is 5′ 11″ tall and also has a body load of 78 kg. His body kind is Average.

Is Adam Levine Married? Affair, mam & Children

Adam Levine is the dad of Dusty rose Levine (b.2016) and also Gio elegant Levine (b.2018) two children he acquired with his wife Behati Prinsloo who he wedded in 2014.

Adam Levine v Wife, Behati PrinslooWhat is Adam Levine marital status? Is he married/divorced/single or in a relationship?Does that have any relationship affair?Who is he date in 2021? surname of Girlfriend:Who is his present wife in 2021? (Name)Who is his Ex-Spouse(s)‎? (Name)Does the have any type of children?Is Adam Levine Gay?Who is his Partner?

Relationship Statistics

Behati Prinsloo (m. 2014)
Yes (Gio grace Levine, Dusty climbed Levine)

Professional Career

Adams passion for singing started as he played his etc in all kinds that music in ~ the period of 10. Later, when he to be 12, that staged skilfully at, The Troubadour event and also although he was afraid to confront his fans, he caught their fist eventually.

His career take it a different direction once he joined a group band wherein he ended up being the vocalist. Together a musician, Adam came to be a member the a rock band known as Kara’s Flower i m sorry was created in 1994. The band members were his schoolmates namely; Jesse Carmichael, Ryan Dusick and Mickey Madden. The band mostly performed in clubs such as Malibu and Whisky a Go-Go. The troop later on renamed itself as Maroon 5 and also has due to the fact that released countless albums.

Aside music that has likewise hosted TV shows like; family Guy (2013) and large City (2016) and also acted debut movies like; start Again (2013), unity (2015) and also The Clapper (2017). The debut music that he has collaborated together a solo artist includes; lost Without U (2014), Locked far (2015), ns So Humble (2016), and also Mic Jack (2017). In his entire career, Adam has actually collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and also Pharell Williams.

Awards & Achievements

Some of the awards that Adam Levine has actually received are 2 Billboard Music Prize, 2 American Music Prize, three-time Grammy award winner, 1 human being Music Prize and also 1 MTV video clip Music Prize.

Adam Levine net Worth, value & earnings in 2021

Adam Levine net Worth

As of November 2021, Adam Levine net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. His net worth number has been cultivation as a result of the music sales which he has released through the band and as a solo artist. Don’t forget acting as well has added a chunk to his network worth. That is reported that the talented musician earns a salary of $6 million.

Adam has additionally ventured into various businesses and also has a line of scent, called Eponymous, i m sorry he released in 2013. He additionally has a towel line that sells tenderness men’s garments which he interfaced through a design agency making his annual revenue come $35 million. An additional of Adam Levine network worth booster are endorsements faces brands such together Sears Holdings and also Proactive.

8 truth you should know about Adam Levine

Maroon 5 is one of the biggest bands in the world, and its frontman Adam Levine has actually risen to fame come the heights of one of the greatest pop star entertainers. His popularity has even soared higher with his coach gig top top NBC reality display “The Voice,” yet how much much more do friend know around him other than Adam Levine net worth and the truth that he is among the hottest musician in the world? Well below are 1234 facts about Adam Levine.

1. Adam Levine is now obsessed with yoga even though he offered to keep fit by lifting weights. The says prior to every show he commonly takes an hour on yoga.

2. In ~ the age of 11, he got his an initial kiss courtesy of a girl named Kattie. The awkward part of the kiss is that he freaked out, however we have the right to understand since it’s the girl who initiated the kiss.

3. Recently he proved off his mermaid tattoo ~ above his back, and also it’s a vast one. That took about six months to fully complete.

4. Before the fame and hitting it huge he used to one assistant writer for television present judge Amy and also, he worked as a waiter as well at Rockets burger.

5. Also though that is a musician, he has actually his very own favourite 2 musicians that are Stevie Wonder and also Prince.

6. His two many beloved songs to carry out are the sunlight and mystery which are contained in their very first album through Maroon 5.

7. His an enig male crush is the movie star, Brad Pitt.

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8. He has been diagnosed through ADHD, a condition he has been managing since his childhood.