500 gallon propane tanks room usually installed to save propane because that residential and little commercial uses.

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So exactly how much does a 500 gallon propane tank weigh?

Liquid propane weighs approximately 4.24 pounds (1.92 kg).

A 500-gallon tank filled v propane weighs around 2,120 pounds (961 kg).

When added to the load of the tank, it totals between 3,020 come 3,320 pounds (1,369 come 1,505 kg).

But, a 500-gallon propane tank have the right to only hold 80% of its capacity. This means a complete tank includes 400 gallons of propane.

400 gallons that propane weighs 1,696 pounds (769 kg).

When the load of the tank is added, the tank and also its components weigh in between 2,596 come 2,896 pounds (1,177 to 1,313 kg).

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~ Fun reality ~The 80% fill rule applies to everyone that owns a 500-gallon propane tank. This is why this tanks have to only it is in filled with a preferably of 400 gallons that propane. Like most liquids, propane expands when that heats up. This is specifically true during the hotter summer months.

This expansion of propane have the right to be dangerous, specifically if a tank is filled come the brim. As soon as propane heats up, it have the right to increase in volume by almost 17% much more than water!


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