A few steps room taken to identify and also determine 1961 nickel value. Conference the expectations of collectors is the necessity to value in any kind of coin. Jefferson nickels that the vintage era are accumulated by date and also mint with an eye towards the condition of the coin.

Using a step-by-step method, referee condition and also identify date and also mint combination. Compare her coin to pictures helping define the collector top quality coin seek by collectors.


Steps resulting in Value:

Step 1: Date and Mintmark selection - identity of date and mint variety is confirmed.

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Step 2: Grading problem - condition is the an essential separator of low to premium value. Using grading images helps identify the collectible Jefferson nickel.Step 3: Special characteristics - Striking top quality is examined to uncover the outstanding nickel native the average.
1961 Jefferson Nickel ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineMintState
1961 Jefferson Nickel worth Up-Dated2021
1961$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.63
1961 D$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.63

In today"s coin sector it calls for a an extremely high high quality 1961 nickel to realize a premium above face value. Mintage numbers of nickels increased considerably in the early 1960"s, huge quantities gone into circulation.

Step 2 below; "grading condition" helps to identifying the quality nickel native the countless in average condition. Watch for fresh sharp details still clearly shows to find the collectible instance of an old vintage nickel.

Step 1: | Date and also Mintmark variety Identified

Three arrays of 1961 Jefferson Nickel come Recognize

1961 nickels were produced in quantities big enough, this day they are taken into consideration abundant and easily obtainable. That is the problem of the coin that determines premium values. Vintage nickels are gathered including every mint varieties of the year. 2 mint problems were produced and are determined for 1961.

1961-D Jefferson Nickel

"D" Mintmark top top Reverse: Denver Mint struck the Coin


Ever boosting numbers the nickel were struck in the 1960"s. In 1961 Denver nickel production increased again come a new high of over 229 million pieces. This are considered abundant today. The Denver mint selection is the likely uncover of the two varieties of the year. Premium worth is uncovered in the Mint State problem examples. Worn and also circulated pieces room the usual condition with small premium.

Denver mint problems are well-known by the "D" mintmark ~ above the reverse. Next to Monticello and near the rim a little "D" mark indicates Denver win the coin.

1961 Jefferson Nickel

No Mintmark on Reverse: Philadelphia Mint to win the Coin


1960"s era nickels were developed in big quantities. Philadelphia nickels, the other mint range of 1961 tape-recorded over 73 million released into circulation. Ample numbers developed results in many obtainable today. Collectors room selective in choosing an example to add to a collection and also prefer high class coins. 1961 is known as one affordable year that the series.

The mint highlight the coin is crucial to identify and also locate values on charts. Philadelphia did not use a mintmark on 1961 nickels. If no mark is uncovered on the reverse next to Monticello, Philadelphia struck the coin.

Step 2: | Judge problem to identify Grade

1961 Jefferson Nickel worth is Conditional

One that the goals of collectors is recognize a pleasing example to stand for a date and mint in ~ the Jefferson nickel series. Coins space rated by their condition and also a grade is assigned to keep in mind the state of preservation. Instance images that the various grades are contrasted to a coin helping recognize and confirm its condition.

Mint State Grade

Mint State: The highest possible grade to represent a coin without any wear to the surface. The example 1961 nickel display screens an appeal satin luster extending the entire coin. Follow me the high points, luster remains with no division in color, texture, or shine.

Comparing Jefferson"s forehead through his facial features finds a similar look without any dulling or change in shade tone. Any type of disturbance the luster led to by wear dulls the surface and also begins come smooth the metal. Check the cheek and also jaw, two extr high-profile areas. Presences of luster confirms a mint state coin.

Looking in ~ the difference in between a noticeably worn coin and a mint state coin helps identify the ethereal shimmer luster impact when the coin is tilted under a light.


Extremely Fine: The example image is a lightly worn coin v slight smoothing of the high areas. Light wear defines the extremely Fine grade.

Wear confined to the optimal of contours in ~ the hair is both smoothing the metal and giving that a dull appearance. A noticeable distinction is checked out in the reduced contoured areas of Jefferson"s face. No smoothing that the steel is checked out in the low relief areas in comparison to the smoothing and dulling of the high points.

Keeping a coin in the very Fine grade is the flattened areas are no connecting. Separations continue to be within the waves of hair. Secondly, eyebrow, cheek, and also jaw are separated by reduced contour areas.

Light circulation wear confined to high areas and also bold facial attributes is the look of very fine grade nickel.

Low great Condition: A moderate to heavy amount of wear on the instance nickels lowers condition listed below the incredibly Fine grade. Low problem nickels space noticeable as "smooth" in appearance.

Jefferson"s forehead is beginning to blend with his hair, just a slight defining line remains. His facial functions are currently flattened to the suggest of merging. A consistent flat spot connects the eyebrow through the cheek below and also continues come the jaw. Most of the fine details of the hair is currently smooth, remarkable in the main area.

Moderate to hefty wear removed the good details and flattening major details is a low-grade coin.

How come Video: Grading Jefferson Nickels

Grading descriptions of subtle key points to condition identify the greater quality that nickels.

Video, Images and Descriptions | Grading Jefferson Nickels

Step 3: | Special features Enhancing Value

Quality the Strike check to find Collectible Nickels

The example coins stand for a trait uncovered in the Jefferson nickels series, particularly the so late vintage year of the 1960"s. Nickel is a challenging metal to strike right into coinage as checked out by different features of win on the coins. Nickel"s hardness is ideal since of the longevity holding increase in circulation. However, this toughness additionally contributes to many problems in producing a completely struck, thorough coin.

View closely the bold win 1962 nickel. Jefferson cheek is rounded, his jaw, an additional high edge area is totally formed through no flat spots close to the collar. The high collar is finish with a rounded information at the neck line and a full separation in ~ the shoulder and coat. Hair detail is extending the central area v fine strands fully visible.

Next, a close inspection of the 1964 nickel easily spots lacking information as contrasted to the 1962. An initial to an alert is the lack of well hair strands throughout. A large smooth area represents the optimal of Jefferson"s head and also just listed below is also lacking any fine hair detail. His jaw is noticeably flat across to peak of the contour. Including to the absence of detail is the missing crisp collar lines in ~ the neck and shoulder.

Both coins are mint state grade v no wear come the surface. Absence of strong details and totally raised contours in ~ the architecture is giving the 1964 nickel one "faded" look. Eye very nice one of the 1962 is amplified by its interlocutor details and solid striking that the finer details.

Set beside the "crisp" vintage nickels, these space the eye appealing quality sought by collectors.


U.S. Mint. 1962 U.S. Mint yearly Report. https://nnp.wustl.edu/library/book/519619

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After following the steps above to evaluate coins. Print the worksheet to list your Jefferson nickels and also record your values.

Popular Coin Series

Coin values are affected by a series popularity. Large numbers of collectors create demand reflecting in premiums paid for coins. Collecting interests are ranked ~ above charts by denomination and also series. Jefferson nickels are a popular collection for both progressed and brand-new collectors.

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Placing a worth on a coin collection is done by adhering to a step-by-step method. Each collection is identified with images, important dates are highlighted. Grading condition, one of the vital steps is accomplished with images of qualities to compare her coins. An organization of her coins is part of the process.

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