The value of vintage Coca-Cola machines can vary, based upon several factors. As with any type of Coca-Cola collectible, the genuine value the a vintage machine depends top top what a buyer is willing to pay because that it.

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background of Coke Vending Machines

one of the largest and most well-known manufacturers of Coca-Cola vending makers is the Vendo company. Vendo was founded in Kansas City, Missouri in 1937. 2 brothers, Elmer F. And John T. Pierson bought a patent because that a simple, reliable vending lid. The lid was designed to lock on top of the Westinghouse and also Frigidaire chest coolers that many grocery stores and gas stations used to cool sodas that they would sell on the respect system, whereby customers would grab a soda and pay in ~ the counter. With the technology of this brand-new vending lid, around $3000 in start-up resources in the help of J.E. Hagstrom and his company, the Piersons developed the very first real vending system, a lid dubbed the "Red Top". Through this lid, the distribution opening was relocated to the following bottle in the chest, instead of relocating the bottles through the ice.

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The Vendo agency survived wartime restrictions during civilization War II the were damaging to countless other industries since the U.S. Battle Department claimed soft drink as "essential to soldier morale". Vendo to be authorized to develop 5000 "Red Tops" for armed forces training camps and war plants.

during the 1950"s, the vending market soared to new heights. Vending machines got a brand-new look with upright, centralized units with rounded corner cabinets. Several of Vendo"s most renowned machines were made during this decade, including the V-39. Vending machines also started to sell multiple assets such as packaged snacks, coffee, milk and also ice cream.

Cavalier was an additional successful Coca Cola vending an equipment company. Their machines are popular with collectors, including the C-27 design from the late 1940s and also the C-102, i beg your pardon dispensed soda from two sides. These equipments were extensively used throughout the 1950s, a time when racial prejudice to be still running solid as evidenced by the machine"s segregation of drinks, through one side reading "Whites Only" and also the various other "Colored Only".

identify the value of Vintage Coca Cola Machines

One means to recognize the worth of vintage Coca-Cola equipments is to study what details models are marketing for ~ above auction web page such as eBay. Simply remember the you normally don"t get complete value for collectibles when you offer on eBay. You could also try a vintage vending an equipment forum such together Cola Machines.

Variables the will identify the value of any kind of vending machine include:

Manufacturer age design Working condition illustration

obtaining as much knowledge about Coca-Cola vending equipments as you can possibly get will aid you feel more confident as soon as buying or offering them. You can discover the following books on soda vending makers at Amazon, classic Soda Machines and also Vintage Coca-Cola makers a Price and Identification guide to Collectible Coolers and Machines.

over there are likewise some an excellent websites the are devoted to educating about, collecting and also restoring vintage soda machines. This sites will assist answer your questions and enable you to network with various other collectors and experts in the organization of restoring antique soda vending machines.

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You can see what various models that Coke vending equipments are selling for at video game Room Right here are a few examples:

Vendo 39-$2995 Vendo 81- $6395 Vendo 44- $6795 Vendo 56- $5995 Cavalier CS-72- $5795 Cavalier CS-96- $5995

together you deserve to see, many vintage Coke devices that have been totally restored room worth $5000-$6000. The first listed Vendo 39 was cheaper because it was detailed from a exclusive seller who estimated its value at $2995.

Those that love the vintage, retro look can advantage by having actually one of these Coca-Cola devices in your garage, game room or ago patio. These makers are a large investment, however, you deserve to start come recoup several of your investment by doing a many entertaining!

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