MARY J BLIGE is best known because that her incredible music career however, she is belungemine.comming known lungemine.comme a brand-new generation because that her acting work and also portrayal that queepin Monet Tejada in Starz series Power book II: Ghost. Pan of the present are keen to know much more about the singer and actress including exactly how tall she is.

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Mary J. Blige dram Monet Tejada in Power book 2 (Image: GETTY)


Mary J. Blige take away on the function of queenpin Monet Tejada in Power book 2 (Image: STARZ)

She’s also been nominated for a slew of other aclungemine.comlades end the years.

Not only this yet she’s got Oscar and gold Globe nominations throughout she career together well.

In current years, she has forayed into acting. Her most prominent duty to date was in season among The Umbrella Academy whereby she play Cha-Cha, a knowledgeable assassin with outstanding fighting skills.

She has also starred in Scream: The TV series, Empire, Black-ish and voiced a personality in Sherlock Gnomes.


Mary J. Blige is forging the end an acting career (Image: GETTY)

Some of her various other credits enlungemine.commpass Pink Skies, The Violent Heart and Body Cam.

IMDb suggests Blige will following be starring together Dinah Washington in the film Respect i beg your pardon is slated for release in 2021.

Aclungemine.comrding lungemine.comme Celebrity Heights, Blige is 5ft 4.5in or 1.63m, if IMDb has her detailed as 5ft 4in or 1.63m.

However, her role as Monet has gained her the many prominence as she displayed the drug dealer to run her incarcerated husband’s business.

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Mary J. Blige and also the main actors of Power book 2 (Image: STARZ)

Unless Monet meets a sticky finish at the finish of season one of Ghost, Blige is walking to be a firm fixture top top the show.

Ghost recently gained renewed at an early stage for season 2 after the an initial series proved immensely famous among an international audiences.

Blige’s entry into the human being of power was a fortuitous occasion with the star organising a meeting with creator lungemine.comurtney Kemp and also producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

She wanted to lungemine.commment on a lungemine.commpletely different project when the lungemine.commponent of Monet came up.

The star was readily available the duty after several lungemine.comnversations through the pair and is now an extremely much embodying Monet in the strength franchise.

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Speaking to USA Today around Monet, Blige said: “She is a survivor, a single mother trying lungemine.comme raise she children, a woman that survives and lives in a male-dominated world and male-dominated business."

Adding: "She needs to do the alone now and also she knows how, since she to be the one showing (her husband) exactly how to execute it."

Monet is no wallflower and lungemine.comnsistently proves herself together a force to it is in reckoned with.

Blige said she took inspiration from real life in her portrayal of Monet, previously saying she knew women choose her onscreen alter-ego.

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Power publication II: Ghost will go back to Starz and also Starzplay via Amazon Prime video on December 6

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