The new friend system has actually been included to DragonVale, and while that still has actually some problems it go work. I'm seeing civilization not using it properly with names and also ids in the various articles when some players have changed their name, so want to clean up how to use it here. It works regardless that platform, and also does not usage Facebook. I'm guessing they have not announced that yet due to the fact that it is not finished and/or polished and also still needs a few changes. We're most likely beta experimentation it.

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In stimulate to accessibility the new friend system, open up the society menu and select 'invite friends' indigenous the bottom left. This will open a home window where it reflects you your Icon, her Name and Number (combined this is her Friend ID), and has alternatives to share Link, change Icon, change Friend ID, and include Friend. By default her Name will certainly be DragonVale and you'll it is in assigned a arbitrarily Number. This combination is what all your friends will certainly see. If everyone pipeline their name as DragonVale, then we'll all have a entirety lot the 'DragonVale#' friend on our list through no idea that they space after a few days.

So the very first thing you want to execute is click 'Change girlfriend ID'. This will open up up a new window with your girlfriend ID, 'DragonVale' and alternatives to readjust that name. Over there are suggested names below that you can click, and readjust the name to timeless DV name such together Nogard, Gardenia, etc. I recommend you click her name in the text dialog above, where it claims DragonVale, and form in your own custom name, perhaps using your name native or park name. Once you click Change, you'll be educated that you obtain one free name change before that will price gems. Climate you'll get a brand-new random number that will readjust too, and together you'll watch your new Friend ID. I have actually not checked the price of changing names a 2nd time.

You have the right to also change your icon, chosing between every one of the dragon symbols in egg, baby, or adult form. Her friends will also see this symbol by her FriendID in their friends list.

In stimulate to include a friend, you require to know their girlfriend ID and they require to know your id. Click add a friend, and you'll check out a dialog box open asking for the girlfriend id. It has actually 2 parts, the very first is the name and the 2nd is the number. By default the surname will display DragonVale. You'll require to change that for most of us who have customized our names. Then add the number come the 2nd box and also click add. Be certain to fill the end both, together DragonVale#0102 is various than Quil#0102 (me).

You'll check out a post that the request has actually been sent, and that they need to include you back. Unfortunately they do not obtain a blog post with the request the they have the right to accept, your brand-new friend must additionally send a request to your id. I'm hoping this is part of the beta stage, and also as that is boosted maybe we'll check out requests in game that we have the right to just 'accept'.

There is likewise a share link button, because that those who are challenged including friend by name and number. Girlfriend can short article the link and those who click it will certainly automatically try to add you in the app. You'll still require to add them back, it just saves typing but won't work-related for those click from other tools or PCs, it should be from her DragonVale device.

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Now you're all set and when both political parties have included each other, you'll see the human being in her friends perform under your Friend ID. There will likewise be a new little red 'X' the you deserve to click come delete that friend native the list. One thing I did notice is that if you visit a girlfriend ID, their surname is not presented on the display screen while visiting. Ns assume this is another minor adjust that will acquire corrected as the check the mechanism more.