Magnification is the process of enlarging the obvious size, no physical size, that something.

When magnification is less than one, it describes a palliation in size, sometimes dubbed minification.

One the the tools used because that magnification is a microscope.

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A an easy microscope provides a solitary lens, therefore, the magnification of a simple microscope doesn’t need any kind of calculation due to the fact that the solitary lens is usually labeled.

Compound microscopes use two or an ext lenses to magnify the specimen. This is wherein the magnification calculation is necessary.

Formula to calculation magnification.


The target lens gathers irradiate from the specimen, which is concentrated to develop the real photo that is seen on the ocular lens.

The eyepiece or ocular lens, is inserted near the focal suggest of the target to magnify this image.


If the eyepiece magnification that a microscope is 10x and also the objective lens in use has a magnification that 4x, calculate the magnification that the microscope.


Therefore, the complete magnification is 40x.

The complete magnification that 40 means that the object shows up forty times larger than the actual object.

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