There space a few instances once you require to recognize how to change the intake on RCA TV there is no a remote. For example, if you have actually lost the remote control of your RCA TV, or you could need a pair of new batteries, or just the remote is not working anymore.

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So, if friend are dealing with this type of unfortunately issue and also want to know about switching the entry on her RCA TV there is no a remote, girlfriend have concerned the right place.


Because in this post, we will be sharing several approaches to adjust the input on RCA TV there is no a remote. So, without more ado, let’s begin…


How to adjust Input top top RCA TV without a Remote

Background top top RCA TV:

Radio coporation, group of America aka RCA was founded back in 1919. Initially, it was a agency owned by General Electric. Later on in 1932, RCA has come to be an live independence brand. Due to the fact that then, they started to broaden their business. However, they have started to manufacture televisions due to the fact that 1929. Due to the fact that that time, RCA has actually gone through several highs and also lows. Still, they are among the many favorite TV brand in north America.

Televisions RCA Offers:

RCA uses various varieties of TVs in ~ the moment. You will uncover TVs varying from 4K, UHD, FHD, and even flat-screen TVs from RCA. Amongst them, girlfriend will discover smart TVs together well. In terms of display size, lock are offering TVs indigenous 15 to 65 inches. So, if you are going to buy a TV from RCA, you have actually loads of options.

Can You move Input there is no Remote?

Every RCA TV comes with a remote controller. Even if it is a smart TV, you will get a remote controller through it. Now, it is well-known that you can adjust everything including the input resource of the TV v the TV remote. However, what if you have lost the far or don’t have accessibility to the remote appropriate now? Can you change the input on RCA TV there is no a remote?


The price is YES. However, the procedure will vary depending on the version of your TV. Typically, you will receive an instruction hands-on with your TV. If friend have access to it, girlfriend will discover out the precise methods you should execute to readjust the input on your particular RCA TV.

Don’t have the instruction manual? No should worry, we will share every the approaches you can shot to adjust the intake on RCA TV without remote in the following section.

How to switch Input there is no Remote?

There room a couple of things girlfriend can shot to do that. However, the process will depend upon the TV model. Thus, you might have to shot multiple techniques to figure out the an approach that functions for you.

Method #1 usage the next Buttons:

Almost every RCA TVs the come through a remote will likewise come with a few physical buttons on the TV. Those are there for emergency cases like once you have actually lost your remote or something prefer that. Now, based top top the model of your RCA Television, the ar of the buttons will certainly be different. However, the bulk of the RCA TVs have actually the physical buttons ~ above the right-bottom side the the TV.


If girlfriend don’t uncover the buttons there, those might be top top the left side or straight beneath the red irradiate (power indicator) of the TV. Sometimes, you might find the control buttons under the front dashboard in the middle. Most of the contemporary RCA TVs come with 7 physical buttons such together Power, Channel + & -, Volume + & -, Menu, and Input. Typically, the buttons will have their name labeled beside each other. Many times the topmost switch would it is in the ‘Input’ button. So, push the button and adjust the input on her RCA TV through ease.

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Method #2 collection a Timer:

Usually, many of the RCA TVs come with a integrated timer. The timer works for turning the TV top top or turn off automatically. Stop say girlfriend have set up the ‘On’ timer to 5 minutes and also turned the TV off. After ~ 5 minute the TV will revolve on automatically. Remember, the TV need to be associated to the power outlet at that moment. Similarly, you deserve to also set an OFF timer for 5 minutes. And, the TV will be turned off after the timer ends.


Now, collection an On timer ~ above the TV because that 1 minute and adjust the channel to 00 or whichever one is her input channel. As you don’t have actually the far you can use the TV next buttons to set the timer. Now, turn off the TV using the strength button. And wait for the TV to turn on after 1 minute. This way, the input setting will be switched ~ above the start of the TV. This method will work if her TV no come v a committed ‘Input’ button.

Method #3 If she TV Doesn’t have actually The ‘Input’ Button:

On few of the enlarge RCA TV models, the physics input button is not available. So, even if girlfriend are in search of the input switch on the next panel, you will certainly not discover it there. It is not there because ago in the days, RCA TVs would have actually a dedicated channel because that switching the intake source.

That method the manufacturer would certainly assign a specific channel for changing the intake source. The channel number would additionally differ depending upon the model. For part models, the ‘input switch’ channel would be the 00 channel. Otherwise, that could likewise be a channel indigenous 90 come 00. So, shot to readjust the channels beginning from 00 to 99. And also you will uncover a channel wherein you will notification that the input has actually changed.

Method #4. Regime the entry Option:

You can also shot to manually entrust the input option to a particular channel. However, you have to do that using the side physical buttons. So, you need to press the ‘Menu’ button and then walk to the ‘List>Label’ option. And, girlfriend should include the ‘Input 1 or 2’ to any of the channels. Because that instance, stop say you have assigned the input option to channel 45. So, as soon as you cycle through the channels using the CH+/-’ or P+/-’ switch on your TV and also reach Channel 45, the input resource will be changed automatically. That means you won’t need a TV remote to readjust the intake channel.

Method #5 acquisition a global Remote:



Last but not least, you can purchase a global remote for her RCA TV. Yes, we understand that a far is always better than pressing the next buttons on your TV. So, if you have lost access to the offered remote of your RCA TV, you can buy a universal RCA remote. Top top the universal remote, friend will find a switch labeled ‘TV/VCR’ or ‘Input’ through which friend can adjust the entry on your RCA TV.

Sum Up:

Most that the latest RCA TVs room smart TVs. In that regard, you deserve to use your smartphone to regulate or adjust the input resource on your RCA TV there is no a far via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. However all the approaches discussed over will come in comfortable if you own an older design of RCA TV. Now, the is not feasible for united state to understand which RCA TV or which specific model you have.

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That’s why us have noted you with multiple techniques to shot out. We hope friend can readjust the intake on RCA TV without far using one of the methods above. If one doesn’t get the project done, use the next one us hope this indict will assist you.

So, which version of RCA TV you very own right now? do let us understand in the comments below!