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Maria Kasimova/ShutterstockWhether your air mattress is because that occasional guests, supplied all summer because that camping, or parked in her spare room, it needs consistent cleaning. Here’s exactly how to store it fresh and extend that life.

There space times when you might want to clean her air mattress automatically after use—like as soon as you’ve taken the camping, and also it’s covered in dust or sand. For indoor use, however, barring serious spills or stains, you can usually obtain by through light cleaning and using fitted sheets to aid protect the mattress.

Here room some points you have the right to do after every use and also some you have the right to do when it’s time for “deep” cleaning.

Light cleaning After each Use

You don’t need to vacuum or wash down your vinyl wait mattress after every use, however it’s advantageous to clean off any type of debris. If she letting the air out and putting the mattress away, you could want come make sure it goes right into the crate at least somewhat clean (and there is no anything that can poke a feet in it). If you leaving it the end for the adhering to night or until you have another guest, there space still some points you can do to keep the mattress in an excellent shape.

It’s a great idea to brush the mattress turn off after every use—especially prior to packing it up between guests or trips. You have the right to use a soft brush, a broom, or even a handheld vacuum. This will remove any type of debris, pet hair, or dirt.

Vacuuming is best for mattresses with a velour top. You can use a damp rag come wipe down all plastic air beds, but be sure to permit the product dry completely before you placed it back in package or bag.

Deep Cleaning your Air Mattress

No issue what her air mattress is do of, there space some basic ways to gain it clean. Many contain some kind of rubber, vinyl, or plastic material. The product doesn’t issue as much when it concerns cleaning, however what does issue is whether your air mattress has actually a built-in air pump.

Prepare It 

Remove the sheets and also mattress pad. To wash the sheets every week or 2 during regular use. If friend take her air mattress camping, wash the sheets after ~ each trip as they have tendency to acquire a little dirtier if camping.

If her air mattress has actually a integrated air pump, absolutely unplug it before wiping it down with any liquids. While some mattresses have actually a removable pump, it’s commonly a hassle to remove, and you normally can’t keep the mattress inflated once the pump is removed. Through that in mind, us don’t recommend removing integrated pumps—just stop getting any moisture in them.

When cleaning approximately the pump housing, usage a easy damp cloth. To be extra cautious, you have the right to put part painter’s tape end the pump confront to make sure no water gets into it. Just be certain to eliminate the tape prior to plugging the pump back in.

Finally, inflate the bed. If the air mattress is deflated, you won’t have the ability to get it completely clean. You additionally won’t have any wrinkles to fight with, and also it’ll do vacuuming easier.

Clean It

If you usage your wait mattress regularly, a deep clean every other month might be a an excellent idea. If you only use it throughout camping season, provide it a deep clean before you load it up for the year.

Here’s just how to deep clean your mattress:

Vacuum: This removes all debris, from dust come dog hair. It’s also the best way to clean wait mattresses with velour tops.Wipe the Down: Use a soft fabric dipped in rubbing alcohol (you don’t should soak it—just dampen). Rubbing alcohol clears stains, sticky spots, and also germs. Part water v a mild dish soap works, too, yet again, shot not come soak it.Remove Tougher Stains: If some stains didn’t come out after one cleaning v rubbing alcohol, go ago over it a few times. Rinse the end your rag each time or use a various section, so girlfriend aren’t just rubbing dirt ago into the spot.

Don’t let any of her rinse water acquire inside the mattress as this have the right to lead to mold and bacteria growth. The last thing you desire is a room that smells favor a “mildewy” basement every time girlfriend deflate the waiting mattress.

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Dry the Out

Be sure your waiting mattress is fully dry before you put it away. Through the aid of the rubbing alcohol you used, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours outside on a warm day for her mattress to completely dry. If girlfriend can’t put it outside, leaving it inflated where you cleaned it, and let it sit till the next day.

Yvonne GlasgowYvonne Glasgow is a professional writer with two decades of experience. She has actually written and also edited for nutritionists, start-ups, dating companies, SEO firms, newspapers, board game companies, and also more. Yvonne is a published poet and short story writer, and she is a life coach.Read complete Bio »