If you’re a minor living at her parents’ house, you’ll need your parents’ permission to acquire a pet. Although some parents are altogether against the idea of having a pet snake in the house, others may be encouraged to try letting you have actually a snake through a little coaxing. Before giving up for good and accepting the truth that they will certainly not let you acquire a snake, there room a few things you might an initial like to try to get them come come around.

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Before i start, please note that friend should always be sure to be exceptionally sensitive to her parents’ feelings. The more sensitive you are to their feelings, the more likely they space to provide you the pet, as you will have actually addressed every the concerns they carry up. Also, don’t beg, plead, or whine, together this will provide your parents the impression that you’re not mature enough to have actually a snake. Finally, understand when to speak to it quits. Don’t shot pushing her parents into something they obviously really carry out not desire to do, or rather your chance at a brand-new pet snake, or any kind of pet for the matter, might be gone.


The fist action you must take towards helping your parents become more accepting the a snake as a pet is questioning them what they specifically dislike around the idea. Make sure you’re ready for this step so the if castle say, for example, the they’re worried around having to take care of the pet because that you, you can tell them that you know exactly how to take care of a pet snake (then recite how), and that you will certainly be taking care of it yourself.

You should at this suggest explain to her parents all the positive facets of having actually a pet snake: they’re easy to take treatment of, they’re yes, really affordable, lock don’t smell, etc. If her parents ask you a question you can’t answer, look up the answer on the internet and come earlier to them with the price later.

Remember the snakes generally frighten people because others space afraid of lock biting, strangling, or death them. Make certain to tell her parents the these comes to are not a difficulty with a sphere python. Round pythons rarely ever bite, are an extremely docile and also non-aggressive creatures, and also could not possibly strangle or death a complete sized human (although they should be retained away native the touch the babies, not since they have the right to strangle them, but since they may bring salmonella, which is very dangerous to a baby, yet not so lot to a teen or adult). They carry out not get an extremely big, and also cannot to escape from their enclosures if they are preserved in a suitable tank built for snakes and also the lid is preserved closed.

Make absolutely certain at this stage that you’ve clearly explained to her parents that you would be solely responsible for the pet: would certainly feed it, clean increase after it, and make sure the heat and also humidity was perfect for it.

Ensure them the you would certainly be the one dealing with the rats come feed your snake, together this is undoubtedly one the the difficulties they dread having actually to deal with. Likewise explain away any kind of other issues your parents might have.


The second step you must take is to drop by a pet store with your parents, if they’ll agree come doing so. In former of them, hold a few different pets; perhaps a gecko, a lizard, every little thing reptile the store might have.

While holding every of the pets, ask your parents come pet the animals if they are willing. Finally, asking to host the ball python. Watch your parents’ reaction come the snake. If castle look disgusted, to speak something like, “You know, they look slimy due to the fact that they’re so shiny, but they’re really very soft. Girlfriend don’t expect them come be, though.” define that it’s only physically possible for a sphere python come bite a human if your head is faced toward them, then turn the ball pythons human body so the it’s head is dealing with you.

Finally, ask her parents if they’d like to touch the belly of the sphere python (get them come touch near the finish of the snake). If they space willing to execute this, they’re much more likely come let you have actually a pet snake, together snakes room much much less scary to world who have touched and held them.

If there’s a chair in the pet store, ask her parents come sit under one at a time, then ask castle if they’ll allow you put the ball python in their lap. If they do, when you’ve inserted the round python in your lap, ask them to placed their arms on both sides of the round python. V some time, her parents might be ready to ultimately hold a round python. If her parents host the round python, it likely means that they’re not afraid that the snake anymore.


Until lock agree come let you have a pet, proceed to shot educating them around snakes in general, and ball pythons in specific. This procedure may take a an extremely short time to do work, it might take a year, or it might never work at all. Yet if the is ever before going come work, you’ll must take tiny steps towards your goal and also never try to press your parents. Otherwise, they may just tell you to forget about it and also you may lose all opportunity of having actually your pet.

If her parents are really against snakes and also just will not readjust their mind about them, it could be a good idea to shot asking for another reptile, like a lizard or a gecko. They’re much an ext likely come accept one of those alternatives for pets. However definitely do try the method of convincing her parents outlined above first if you’d prefer to have actually pet snake.

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Jan Griffiths claims

August 22, 2015 in ~ 5:33 pm

Excellent advice!!! ns was a fortunate kid, ns guess. I lived in suburban Michigan growing up, and always had some sort of reptile pet, either a painted turtle, skink, or water or garter snake. My parental actually liked my reptile friends. I got a boa constrictor in ~ the age of ten, and had her for over fifteen years. She came v us as soon as we relocated to Arizona, i m sorry is whereby I quiet reside, and also am now a sphere Python breeder. I have actually 5 ball Pythons–4 girls, one boy.

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Jan Griffiths says

August 22, 2015 in ~ 5:36 pm

BTW, Havana is a lover girl!!!

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