This is exactly how to make pork chops ~ above the George Foreman Grill. It is the absolute fastest and also easiest means to prepare pork chops because that a enjoy the meal your entirety family will certainly enjoy.

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Pork chops top top the George Foreman grill space a simple way to prepare a healthy meal. With simply a note of brown sugar sweetness and saltiness native the soy sauce, friend won’t believe how tasty these pork chops come out.


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Not certain what to do for dinner tonight? shot these pork chops ~ above the George Foreman grill. With simply a few pantry staples, you will have actually dinner on the table in minutes.

The sweetness of the brown sugar complements the saltiness native the soy sauce of these perfectly cooked and also juicy pork chops. Best for any weeknight, accompany this succulent pork chops through roasted vegetables or a grilled peach salad. Voila! Dinner is served.

Boneless center-cut pork chops room a functional lean protein because that anyone who is calorie-conscious. Her George Foreman grill will cook them perfectly keeping juiciness while draining any kind of excess fat. Who might ask because that more?

Don’t have actually a George Foreman grill? Go acquire one. You’ll give thanks to me. They are totally worth the minimal investment. In lieu of that, any type of indoor contact grill push will occupational for this quick and easy recipe.



Tips because that Quick and Easy George Foreman Grill Pork Chops

How lengthy to cook Pork Chops ~ above George Foreman Grill

I’ve stated it before and I’ll to speak it again. This recipe can not be easier.

First things first, make certain to preheat her George Foreman grill (or any indoor call grill press) for at the very least 5-10 minutes. Begin preheating your George Foreman grill before seasoning your pork chops and it will be perfect preheated as soon as you are all set to cook. A warm George Foreman grill will give your pork chops the perfect sear and also seal in all those invaluable juices.

Once your George Foreman grill is preheated, simply ar your jug pork chops top top the grill and close lid. Your pork chops will just take 4-6 minutes depending upon thickness. Just 4-6 minutes! I median c’mon. So quick!

Use your instant-read digital thermometer (aka your best friend while food preparation meat) beginning at 4 minute to inspect doneness. The pork chops will be perfect cooked as soon as the thermometer reads 145 degrees.

As always, let your pork chops remainder for around five minutes before serving to allow them to complete cooking and also juices come redistribute. Bon appetit!


Pork Chop Seasoning

The seasoning because that these pork chops ~ above the George Foreman grill is basic and easy and delicious with just two pantry staples – brown sugar and also soy sauce. A match made in heaven. The brown sugar will certainly caramelize top top the George Foreman grill providing you a beautiful crust. The soybean beans sauce will offer you simply the ideal amount the salt come balance the flavor profile.

Sodium conscious? Feel free to substitute low sodium soy sauce. This will reduced the salt content without sacrifice the flavor.

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Can i Make Quick and also Easy George Foreman Grill Pork Chops v Bone In Pork Chops?

Oh absolutely. A bone-in pork chop will assist ensure a juicy chop there is no overcooking and also impart a little an ext flavor come the meat. Simply increase your food preparation time ~ above the preheated George Foreman grill come 8-10 minutes. Start checking the internal temperature in ~ 8 minutes. Nobody likes an overcooked and dry pork chop.

If you are slightly more health-conscious, remain true to the recipe and also use the boneless center-cut pork chops. This is a leaner cut and will decrease her calorie count.