The following list consists of both and commonly-used Perl features that are obtainable when producing questions.

Rounding, far-reaching Digits, scientific Notation




Round to specified decimal places

Round increase (next better integer)

Round under (next lesser integer)

Return integer just

Get far-reaching digits

Display significant digits

Get decimal locations

Display clinical notation

Display "e" notation

decform(n, places)

return n rounded to the specified variety of decimal places.


returns the an initial integer greater than n, because that example, ceil(23.2) is 24, ceil(-23.7) is -23.


return the first integer less than n, for example, floor(23.7) is 23, floor(-23.2) is - 24.


Returns just the integer component of n, for example, int(23.7) is 23, int(-23.2) is - 23.


returns the number of far-reaching digits in n, ignoring trailing zeros.

sigform(n, digits)

returns n rounded come the stated number of far-ranging digits. Offers "e" notation if needed, for example, 2.30e+04.


returns a power of 10 that represents the smallest significant decimal ar in n. Ignores rolling zeros.

scinot(n, digits)

return n formatted as scientific notation with the specified number of far-reaching digits, for instance 2.31×104. Perform not use results for extr computation.

sciform(n, digits)

return n in "e" notation v up to the mentioned number of far-reaching digits after the decimal point, for instance 2.31e+04.

Display that Numerical values

The listed functions are largely used in inquiry or equipment to format values because that display.




Reduced portion

Rounded essence

Add commas

Add spaces

Display together words

Display as words (ordinal)


returns the portion n/d in diminished form, for example, 1/2 or 1. If used in Answer, point out $FRACTION=1.


return n rounded come the nearest integer. Offers "e" notation when |n|≥1e+05.


return n with commas between digit groups to the left of the decimal point, for example, 12,345.678901. Carry out not use results for extr computation.


return n with spaces in between digit teams on both sides of the decimal point, for example, 12345.678901. Carry out not use outcomes for added computation.


return the integer part of n in words, because that example, "negative twenty-three". Walk not add commas.


returns the integer component of n as an ordinal number in words, for example, "thirteenth".

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Go not include commas.