The worst thing throughout a video game of table tennis is when someone hits the sphere a little too hard and it gets a dent. Specifically if that’s your only one… But, over there is hope as it is sometimes feasible to repair it and get it earlier to its former glory.

In this post, we’ll walk girlfriend through action by step how to resolve a ping pong round if the dented. I m so sad though, these methods won’t occupational if your round is cracked. Those are beyond repair. If you require some brand-new ones examine out our ideal table tennis balls article here.

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The warm Water Method

The warm water technique is the easiest method of gaining a dent out of a ping pong ball. It’s additionally the means thats supplied to acquire dents the end of other things prefer cars.

With ping pong balls yet it works by heating the air inside the round which reasons it to expand. Friend only require some boiled water and also a cup, the relationship between pressure and temperature will perform the rest.


Step 1 – Boil some water in a kettle until bubbles appear and pour it right into a medium-sized cup.


Step 2 – Drop her ping pong ball inside the cup make certain to stop putting it directly in the cook water as it may obtain damaged.


Step 3 – gain a spoon and push the round down slightly listed below the water. This will rise the press on it causing the air inside to heat faster and also hopefully eliminate the dent quicker.


Step 4 – now use the spoon to take the round out the the water yet make certain you don’t shot to take it it out with your own hands together the water will certainly still it is in hot and also can scald your hand.


Step 5 – The last action is come let that dry. You deserve to use a bath towel or hang the ball inside a organization for a few minutes. Don’t let it dried on a hard table as the warmth can reason the dent to form again.


The Results

If you’ve done it right and also the sphere wasn’t too dented you have to now have your ping pong back to gift able to bounce. It’s precious noting though the sphere will not be as good as a brand-new one together the heater may influence its roundness.

You can find the it i will not ~ bounce as much as it offered to either yet it have to last a bit longer and also give girlfriend a couple of more great rallies.

Fixed table tennis ball

The scientific research behind It

If you’ve tried the above method it deserve to feel a little bit like magic together the dent magically mister out and disappears. Sadly, no sorcery is at occupational though and it’s just some simple physics.

As the wait particles inside the ball obtain heated up they start to expand. This transforms the pressure inside the ball and begins come put push on the dent and also cause it to pop ago into place.

The hairdryer method

We recommend the above method but if it doesn’t work for you you might also shot the hairdryer method. Every you require is a hairdryer and also towel (to hold the ball).

Be cautious with this technique though together you can burn her hand if you don’t use a towel.

Simply host the ping pong ball in the bath towel and point the hairdryer in ~ it ~ above a high heat. This has actually same impact of heating up the air particles inside the ball causing the press to change and pop the dent out.

For a bit of fun, can also shot it without holding the ball!

If you notice the ball getting too hot or acquiring deformed, revolve the dryer turn off for a bit and also let the ball cool down before trying again.

After did you do it finished and the round is fixed, you may need come suspend it in a tissue, as pointed out in the boil water technique if it’s as well hot.

The thumb method

If the over methods don’t occupational there’s one an ext chance to save your ping pong ball which is the thumb method. The not an extremely glamorous and also just entails using your ignorance to press the area roughly the dent to shot to pop it ago into place.

This won’t occupational every time and sometimes you have the right to actually reason the dent to obtain bigger for this reason this is an ext of a last resort method. Still, it’s precious a shot.

Why does heating the round work?

Physics may be a headache to learn at school however it have the right to be yes, really fascinating particularly in the context of table tennis. As we discussed earlier, the heating methods are every to do with science and and equation between pressure, volume and temperature.

This article explains the equation of pressure x volume is proportional come temperature and how the can aid us solve our ping pong ball.

When This won’t Work

Again, together we covered earlier, these approaches won’t occupational every time. If your ball has a cracked in that you will not have the ability to repair it and also will need to buy a new one. We can’t adjust the air press inside the sphere if it has actually a crack as it will simply leak out.

The 2nd case where you’ll need a new ball is if it has a deep dent. If it’s also deep you have the right to have a walk at the over methods but sometimes it will certainly be impossible to repair.

Summing Up

We hope that among the methods over works for you and you deserve to get ago to playing. We recommend the boil water method as that the fastest and has had the finest success rate for us. If you have any kind of other ideas for exactly how to un-dent a ping pong ball article them below.

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