you buy 80 pts for a dollar but that"s no the conversion. You see, DeviantArt take away a disagreement as taxes off your $5 as soon as you buy points so friend only obtain 400 points. Also, DA users are not enabled to purchase or offer points indigenous or to one an additional (as pointed out in the rules of DA) particularly at the price of 100 pts because that 1 dollar since that"s tax evasion = Illegal

Some information:

*You need a deviantart account to obtain points, you also need to have actually da clues if you want to send them come people

*So if you have 0pts fine you can"t send any to anyone.

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*Be an extremely careful once trading points for money, or they other means around, with other users. Never send big amounts. Civilization get scammed that way almost every day. If the account is brand new, don"t trade with them in ~ all!

* Don"t usage a second account to "pay yourself" through the board of directors widget, to convert your points to money. It is versus the DA rules, and also they will block your usage of the commission widget permanently (and they will certainly notice).

How come send points

You open up Deviant arts on the WEBSITE (Very important).

( I"m using my great friend PudimPop as an instance )

You have to use the website and also not the app

Picture 1: (In red)You go to the file of that you are sending out the clues to and also click the existing image.


Picture 2: (In red)You click "give points"


Picture 3: (In red)You write exactly how much point out you space giving. (In blue)Where the is circled blue you need to write her password however there"s an option to remember the so you don"t need to write it every time.


Earning Ponts

*You can earn points by buying them or doing commissions/selling adopts because that points!!

*Enter contests and also raffels!

*Resell adopts you own (MAKE certain YOU have OWNED IT for AS long AS A WEEK and also HAVE PERMISSION native THE initial ARTIST TO market IT, read T.O.STerms of service of ARTISTS, do NOT sell IT FOR an ext THAN WHAT friend BOUGHT the FOR)

*Dahub, they provide points to account that meet their qualifications, and its really straightforward to knife them indigenous the hub. Here"s the link


Method 1

You open up deviant art on the WEBSITE(very important).

Picture 1: you click on your picture


Picture 2: girlfriend click notifications


Picture 3: click on see transaction history of the last transaction you received

Hook up her PayPal email to your account through the PayPal selection. You have to wait 14 days offered the transaction time yet that"s also for points. When you have actually money to retract you can take it out via PayPal, Points, or right into a check (Not encourage though).

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So in the PayPal / Check instance 1$ = 100 points, together it doesn"t taxation off your profits.

1 Dollar to Euro

$1 = €0.82

1 Dollar to Philippine Pesos

$1 = 52.0728PHP

1 Canadian disagreement to mexican pesos

$1 = 14 mexican Pesos

Commission widget tutorial by the one and also only Dummmyyy

1)On your deviantart account on the desktop computer site you need to click modify page

2)Inside modify profile you"ll watch a "widget" thing and also it"ll most likely have a see all button you push that