Draiks room elusive dragons indigenous to Meridell. They are one of the couple of pets that have the right to never be created through Create-A-Pet, and they are also one the the most popular and also sought-after pets. You can attain a Draik just via a small an option of items, some of which room pricey! prior to you make any type of purchases, be sure to examine other methods and items for their price points.

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Hatching a Draik

Draiks can be hatched. In order because that something to it is in hatched, it should come from an egg. Therefore, girlfriend can attain your Draik v a an option of delicious Draik eggs! Draik eggs stock at Merifoods. Since Draik eggs differ in rarity from 95 to 99, castle are also gourmet foods.You can uncover pirate Draik egg at the forgotten Shore. Lock are offered out together straight-up prizes, and you can additionally chance opened a uncovered Treasure Chest to discover one!

Once you have a Draik egg, you"ll have to take it come the Draik nest in Meridell. The colony cannot be uncovered on a map, and also is only easily accessible by visiting the attach directly. Your display screen will look at something prefer this upon visiting the swarm to name and also select your egg. Your Draikling will discover the conditions of this nest perfect for hatching, and will pop out of that is egg and become a totally grown Neopet.


A Draik flower from one egg will retain the color of that is egg. Its gender will it is in random, although you may adjust this through the help of the Lab beam Scientist battledome challenger. If you select to achieve your Draik making use of this method, make certain you have actually at the very least one open up pet slot on your account.

Morphing and also Transmogrifying

Morphing an existing pets is another way to acquire a Draik. To do this, you have the right to use morphing potions or a transmogrification potion.Morphing potions can cost millions the Neopoints, and also are often more than the expense of one egg. They execute come in a wider variety of colours, however, however keep in mind that the transmogrification potion will revolve your pet into a mutant.

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Due to being given out in a daily, the Pirate Draik Morphing medicine is commonly the cheapest easily accessible option:

Pirate Draik Morphing Potion

Technically speaking there was as soon as a time once you were able to produce a Draik, the method you would create any type of other non-limited edition species. ~ above Draik day in Year 11 (2009) something walk wrong in the chain that command in ~ Neopets HQ and, for some reason that was never completely explained, because that a short time that was possible to produce a Draik. The mistake was quickly rectified, but not before thousands of Draiks had actually been released into Neopia. Draiks produced in this way are viewed as being somehow "less valuable" 보다 their more-legitimately-created brethren, particularly to pet traders.