Best Air dried Clay drying Tips

Air drying clay is together a wonderful craft material. Easy to work-related with, girlfriend don’t need a kiln or range to cure. Perfect for beginners, proficient crafters, and additionally for kids. You have the right to do at-home pottery, develop cool home decor projects, jewelry, etc.

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The most annoying thing around air hardening clay jobs is cracked or curling if drying. So, I’ve made decision to share my ideal tips on just how to dried air modeling clay the proper way to prevent ‘clay disasters’, frustration, and distorted clay crafts.

At-home pottery and crafting through air hardening clay is no rocket science, if friend follow this tips and recommendations you’ll love to usage this impressive craft material!

Let’s dive in!

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How lengthy does it take because that air drying clay come harden?

Air dry clay projects take an mean of 24-72h to dry. Part clay tasks take as long as a week come harden. The one exception is epoxy air dried clay, i m sorry takes only a couple of hours come dry.

However, you have to take into consideration a pair of factors that determine the dry time.

1. How warm is your environment

Air modeling clay will dry much faster in warmth weather. However, if it dries as well fast, it will certainly make it much more prone to cracking. So, if your residence or climate is too hot, sluggish down the dry time by loosely extending the craft with a plastic sheet/wrap or a wet cloth.

2. Just how wet is your climate

If her climate or your home has a many moisture in the air, her air drying clay craft will dry slower. If your environment is really wet, friend will have actually a tough time make air drying clay crafts. Girlfriend may shot drying your clay crafts in the oven.

3. The general aspect of her clay craft

Obviously, the thicker the clay, the slower it will dry. So, an ext solid sculptures take it the longest to dry. However, friend can develop them in layers which will also help in minimizing cracking.

I wouldn’t recommend rolling out air dry clay as well thin simply for the services of the slower dry time, due to the fact that they are an ext prone to curling.

4. Airflow

Sides that are in call with a surface ar or covered with plastic plunder or placed in a key (to take your shape) will certainly dry slower. The moisture is ‘trapped’ and it will certainly take longer. You can maximize air flow by occasionally rotating the piece or by placing your clay handmade on a baking cooling rack.

Can you do air dry clay dried faster?

You have the right to dry air hardening clay crafts faster, yet it’s no recommended. In mine experience, the best practice with air dry clay is patience, letting the task dry naturally. I execute recommend helping to dry by rotating the clay handmade from time to time.

I know the excitement of see the final form of your new creation (which might take number of days to completely dry), and I understand why some shot to rate up the process. I did the too, and then regret it since my task cracked and distorted.

I will certainly list the most common means crafters try to rate up drying. Many of them room a large NO-NO, however I will certainly talk a little in detail about why.


Can you dried air dry clay with a hairdryer?

You must never use a hairdryer come make your air dry clay crafts dried faster. Hairdryers punch a strong warm air flow on the clay craft, make the outer layer shrink and also dry quicker in spots. Even if you relocate the hairdryer continuously, you can make the clay dry evenly. The uneven dry will an outcome in crack or breakage.

Can you dried air dry clay in the oven?

Air dried clay, together the surname indicates, it’s self-hardening, you don’t need an oven or kiln. Some crafters suggest, even recommend, placing air modeling clay crafts in the oven.

I personally never ever did it. Crayola, for example, states on that craft safety and security page that you shouldn’t put it in one oven, kiln, or microwave.

If i really should speed up drying, this would certainly be the only method I would try because the the safest an approach for drying clay crafts there is no issues.


The stove creates a warm setting making it dry evenly and also not simply drying the job from one next like other methods.

Follow these steps if you want to dry her air hardening clay handmade in the oven.

Place her craft on one aluminum foil-wrapped baking sheet.Insert the paper in the cold oven, and also turn the on come the lowest setup (170-175 degrees).Leave the on because that approximately half an hour.Turn that off and leave it in till the range gets cold.Check her craft, repeat if needed.

Drying wait modeling clay crafts in the oven might be the one means to harden clay crafts because that those who live in a really wet climate. Too lot moisture in the air renders air dry crafts virtually impossible come cure.

Never placed clay crafts in a hot oven because it will crack nearly instantly!

Can you placed air-dry clay in the microwave?

Microwaves warmth the items too quickly. Air dry clay can’t organize too lot heat, so putting it in the microwave will make your piece break and fall apart.

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Can you put air dried clay right into the sunlight to speed up drying?

You should likewise never put your air-hardening clay into direct sunlight to make it dry faster. Similar to the hairdryer, that will warmth one side of her craft, and make the outer layer dry quicker which outcomes in cracks.