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A reborn baby is a human-made doll that has been revolutionized by an artist. It bears a same to a person infant v as much realism together possible. But realistic and lifelike a reborn doll is, please perform not feed them actual food even if they have actually a pipe in your stomach because that they can grow mold.

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Fake food, formula or juice is also not allowed to feed her baby doll, but you can use the to gain the delight of accessorizing her reborn dolls there is no risking spilling and ruining her doll. As soon as it’s make correctly, this kind of accessory add to to your doll’s as whole realism, i beg your pardon is the ultimate goal for many collectors and artists. To attain a reality look of the fake food or fake drinks, correct an approach is required. Keep reading to find out!

Well, when it concerns making fake food for the reborn baby dolls; very first things first, you will need to acquire the following:

 A bowl or container come mix everything up in.An plain spoon the you deserve to mix whatever up with.Any Lotion, whether it it is in sun-screen, hand cream, human body lotion, or even hair conditioner, would be sufficient.Food colors of her choice.Vanilla essence.An empty and clean baby food jar-With the label still top top (Optional.)Chalk dust or flour (this is likewise optional, yet it will offer your fake infant food part texture.)

Using the over one have the right to make various fake foods items for the dolls for instance;


First, seize a plastic container and put in it around two tablespoons that sun-screen, a autumn of egg-yellow food coloring, and some the the chalk dust for some texture.

Mix it all up through an ordinary spoon and also then add some vanilla essence to that to do it look darker and then mix it increase again.

Then pour the baby food indigenous the plastic container right into a clean infant food jar. After ~ doing every this, you will certainly now have actually a pot the creamy banana porridge for her reborn.


Put part sun-screen and also some flour for the texture right into a plastic container and also added around two autumn of yellow food coloring and also one fall of red food colour to get orange. Just play about with the food colour a little until you gain a bright orange.

Then mix that all and cover the container with some cling film and also stick part sticky tape come the edge come make certain it wouldn’t come off and spill everywhere.


This is the very same as the carrot puree, yet instead the making it orange, add only one autumn of environment-friendly food coloring to it to make it a light green. Place lid top top the bottle, securely, and shake to ensure appropriate color has been achieved.

When it involves the fake food, it all depends on your consistency and also the shade that friend want, and therefore girlfriend can include as lot lotion and also wash as you want. Also, by looking in ~ the reborn baby foodstuffs at the save or online can really assist you know how to make your desired ones.

There are various ways to do fake milk or synthetic formula. Because that example, here, you will require some water, some bottles, baking vanilla, lotion, flour, and also some detergent.

First, you can make fake milk using unscented whitewashing detergent. Here put some water in one of the bottles and then and also the detergent, then close the bottle and also shake the mixture.

Secondly, girlfriend can accomplish the exact same by usage of water and also flour by putting water top top the bottle and also then including 3 to 4 teaspoons of powder and also shake the mixture completely to gain the fake milk. Make certain you to water this mixture after some time and repeat the same process to make an additional one since it go bad an extremely fast and starts odor bad.

Thirdly making use of the cream, right here you follow the very same drill; put some water on the bottle and also then include 3 come 4 teaspoons of any kind of white lotion and also mix thoroughly. Then shake the mixture well and also do the very same time to time to stop the cream from difficult on the inner sides of the bottle.

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Making chocolate milk is straightforward after knowing how to make fake milk making use of the above. Here choose any type of of the prolonged processes if you to be making cacao milk and also then include baking vanilla come it and also shake the mixture thoroughly. I would favor you use the flour method.