Let"s ~ pretend you have a lot of "so called" imagination... Wouldn"t it is in nice to present other players your tremendous sarcasm? Or also better, reply by a great spray that your very own onto this noobie player"s spray who just "downloaded" one from an everyone-known site?

So, let"s gain ready to rumble!

To gain list:

every little thing in mental (pictures watched that provides you laugh, something completly stupid or weird. Your choice...)

In the event you"re a zombie and also your mind has to be ate by a friend, walk to action XXL. But if you room a human being being and also have some or several ideas, obtain to work and make a sketch of her projet. In your picture editing program or also on a item of paper. Take some time come think of it and also appreciate her sketch before going on. When you"re completly satisfied through your plan, you deserve to go to the following step...

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Get to your favourite snapshot editing routine (like Photoshop or GIMP). Create a brand brand-new picture with among those recommended dimensions:

set the background come transparent.

Put any kind of pictures friend previously obtained or architecture whatever girlfriend want! may I imply you no to "copy/paste" a solitary image in her work because it will not stand for your style but someone else"s work... Try to be creative (This is why ns told friend to map out it prior to begining this step...). The is an ext easy to reproduce your sketch than try to stealing one...

There is some principles you could work on:

A collage


An artwork


At this point, you surely desire to save all of your files before your computer system crashes... Think me, it happens particuly at those times! :-)

Once this is done, you"ll have to save her finished document to «.tga» format. Simply open the "File -> save As" command menu, there is an alleged to be a file format chooser somewhere at the bottom in the "Save As" window. Pick the «.tga» file format and also this is it! If TARGA options are asked, pick 32bits/pixels through no RLEcompression.

Download, install and also open up VTFEdit.

First! go to "Options" and also make certain the "Auto develop VMT File" is checked.

Go to "File -> Import" and also select your task (in «.tga» format).

When the import window shows up, let every the fancy alternatives as they space for now...

Now you view the image specifically as it will certainly look like while in-game. If there"s miscellaneous wrong, go earlier a couple of steps and check the out...

If you space satisfied v what you got, go to "File -> save As".

Give a cute little name come your paper and then save it to those two directories:

C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppsNAME eam fortress 2 fmaterialsVGUIlogos


C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppsNAME eam fortress 2 fmaterialsVGUIlogosUI

If the directories doesn"t exist, well... Just develop it as specified!

After that step, go check if you have «my-project.vtf AND my-project.vmt» documents in both directories «logos and UI».

V - acquiring ready to show it!

Save all your current work, close every programs.

Launch Team Fortress.

Press the "Options" button, then in the "Multiplayer" tab, inspect for the fall down menu list and also choose your spray.

If you don"t see your spray, it way that a record and/or a folder is missing. Near everything and also go check if you have actually all the 4 (4) records mentionned at the finish of the previous step in the exactly directories.

If your spray is there and has been selected, join/create a server and also show the human being your amazing skills by pressing "T" close to a wall. Prompt results garanteed!

Also, if you have multiple sprays and want to adjust it if playing, you"ll need to wait after ~ a map readjust to view the newest selected...

VI - Don"t it is in lame or a finish d**b**s...

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Plenty of civilization are may be to make sprays... And also there"s a many of negative one... It is in smart enough to "think" come what you"ll make... Taking a pornographic image and putting it in a spray will certainly not do you the "coolest" player ever... Perhaps if it"s terrificly monster or completly original and also never ever before seen you"ll get some comment but... If this is every you can think of, you"re possibly too young or too ugly to have S-E-X and trying come compensate...




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