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The codes aren’t yes, really to tough to crack. Just start working all the possible combinations systematically. There are only 720 possibilities. It might take an hour or so to crack the combo, much less if you space lucky. This worked for me with a briefcase ns had.

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I followed the directions in a youtube video clip to open a Samsonite briefcase. There most likely is a similar video on youtube for various other brands.


We’ve marketed locked briefcases if they’re nice. We simply disclose the in the description. Ns think it may even tempt some buyers trying to find treasure. A mystery box!


Mystery briefcase! i did shake the to see if there was anything in there and it feeling empty. I kinda regret passing it up now. I went house with a rail coleman cooler rather (union pacific)

I would save at the three digit combos till it opened, I’d dislike to market a locked briefcase without learning there wasn’t some old American Express check or a Rolex inside.Usually over there is a reset switch inside to put in a new code.

I to buy a home safe as soon as that to be locked however could tell the had contents in it – it had a dial through 60 numbers, and also required 3 numbers to open.

I review that with combo locks the you might be off several numbers, for this reason I began with multiples the 3 – it take it a few hours of guessing if watching TV, however I figured the out.

Inside to be a couple of credit cards from the 70’s and 80’s, and some receipts. Yet at the very least I knew what i had, and also I had actually a “working” safe to sell.

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I would spend the time do the efforts to open up it – together Steven S said, friend never understand what is inside!

The Samsonite instructions have actually you use a flashlight and check because that a notch top top the lock. So friend aren’t simply randomly make the efforts codes–you can discover the combo by looking at the lock and also lining up notches.

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