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Hi,This is my an initial time functioning on drum brakes. My 1985 C20 Suburban has rear north brakes. Every the manual, ns jack up the behind wheel, eliminate the tire and *should* have the ability to pull the brake drum off. The brake drum is very rusty and won"t budge. I"ve shoot break-free liquid on the bolts and also center and tried to pry the brake north free. No good.Looking that over carefully I view a single nut and also bolt on the rear side. Hands-on doesn"t cite removing this and right this 2nd I don"t have actually a wrench big enough. Am I an alleged to remove this nut turn off the bolt ~ above the rear?if not, what space my options for acquiring this brake drum off?Appreciate the help, I"m leaving the suburban jacked increase in really hopes some advice will rescue me :}ThanksChuk

Make certain you dont have actually the parking brake on.Try adjusting the brake adjustment through the ago of the dust shield.Their might be a wear on the drum bring about the shoes to it is in holding the north on, adjusting the parking brake will sometimes move the pair of shoes far enough out the the means to pull the drum off.If every else stops working start hitting the within lip of the drum v a BFH.
I would suspect this is the most common reason because that a north being difficult to remove. The shoes wear top top the drum, leaving a lip on the within edge the the north that can"t clean the shoes. Together noted, you"ll should go through the accessibility hole in the backing plate with a pair of screwdrivers (one to push the adjuster pawl the end of the means and one to turn the star wheel) come retract the shoes.
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Hey guys,The parking brake is off.Can you explain at a an easy level what you typical byaccess hole in the backing plate v a couple of screwdrivers (one to press the adjuster pawl the end of the method and one to revolve the star wheel) come retract the shoesThere is an access hole somewhere? If so, whereby is it?ThanksChuk




Hey guys,The parking brake is off. / been years since I have worked on cars,pawl i think is a locking bar to lock the star wheel(gear)in place, try one that the GM technology guysCan you define at a basic level what you mean byaccess feet in the backing plate with a couple of screwdrivers (one to push the adjuster pawl the end of the way and one to turn the star wheel) come retract the shoesThere is an access hole somewhere? If so, wherein is it?ThanksChuk
I can article a photo of a BFH ..... J.K. Easiest terms, the brake drum is not hosted on by anything other than the exact same thing the holds to tire on; the lug nuts. The brakes auto adjust as the linings wear for this reason they may be worn to the suggest you have to back off the adjuster manually making use of the slot on the back side of the backing key as displayed above. Unless YOU have WHEEL CHOCKS and also JACKSTANDS and THE JACK UNDER THERE also FOR additional SUPPORT put THE TIRE back ON before YOU STICK your HEAD UNDER THE TRUCK.
I am stupid sufficient to drop mine truck"s a$$ end on the ground twice but never have I been stupid sufficient to stick my head under it once there was even the slightest possibility it might fall.

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You know... I just realized the you didn"t say and no one asked i beg your pardon axle girlfriend have... V it gift a C20 you can have the same axle i have, i beg your pardon is a 14 bolt complete floating axle.... If that"s the case you have to pull the axle shafts and also remove the bearing nuts/bearings to pull the drums off due to the fact that there pressed top top behind the hub....
I am wonder if the north is rust welded to the axle, if girlfriend look at the drum you will watch that the rear axle type of sticks through the brake drum, if that is rust welded girlfriend can shot a couple of things, an initial take a hammer, a large hammer, and a large pry bar, something the you can put behind the drum, between the within rim that the drum, and the backing plate and also pry out, together you pry out with the bar struggle the axle pillar in the middle, execute NOT hit the lug bolts!!!, periodically this will cost-free the drum from the axle, if this walk not work you might need to take a torch and also heat the north wear that meets the axle, the heat will reason the drum to broaden away indigenous the axle, currently hit it with the large hammer and also see if it will pop far from the axle, ~ you totally free the drum from the axle friend may have to adjust the division away to pull the drum off.I expect this helps.Terry