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Springy French Vocabulary

Easter’s date transforms every year: it wake up on the an initial Sunday after the first full moon top top or after ~ the vernal equinox – so somewhere in between 22 March and 25 April.

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In 2021, Easter is on 4 April; next year it will be 17 April. The week immediately preceding Easter (Sunday come Saturday) is dubbed Holy Week. Here’s all the French vocabulary you should celebrate this Christian period of renewal.

Easterle Pâques, les Pâques (f)
Passoverla Pâque
springle printemps
Lentle carême
Holy Weekla Semaine Sainte
Palm Sundaydimanche des RameauxPâques fleuries
Shrove Tuesdaymardi gras
Ash Wednesdaymercredi des Cendres
Maundy Thursdayjeudi saint
Good Fridayvendredi saint
Easter Sunday le dimanche de Pâques
Easter Day le jour de Pâques
Easter Mondaylundi de Pâques

French Easter expressions

Joyeuses Pâques ! Bonnes Pâques ! Happy Easter!
Noël au balcon, Pâques au tison A warmth Christmas way a cold Easter
À Pâques ou à la Trinité very late, never

  In the French tradition, all the church bells paris to the Vatican top top Maunday Thursday, leaving church silent. Castle return on Easter v eggs and chocolates, and also ring when again.

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basketun panier
to blessbénir
branchun rameau
bunnyun lapin
chickun poussin
chocolatele chocolat
chocolate eggun œuf en chocolat
churchune église
church bellune cloche
daffodilune jonquille
Easter (adjective)pascal*
Easter briochela gâche de Pâques
Easter egg huntla chasse aux œufs
Easter processionun défilé pascal
eggun œuf
fast dayun jour de jeûne
to flyvoler
flying bellune cloche volante
henune poule
lambun agneau
meatless mealun repas maigre
nestun nid
to paintpeindre
Popele pape
porkle porc
rabbitun lapin
to ring, tollsonner
wingune aile
woven palm leavespalmes tressées

  Easter Monday is a publicly holiday and is traditionally commemorated with pâquette, where families eat omelettes together. In Bessières (Haute-Garonne), there’s an annual Easter festival featuring the preparation and also consumption the a giant Easter omelette: l’omelette pascale et géante, which is 4 meters (13 feet) in diameter and contains 15,000 eggs. (This is unrelated to la Fête de l’omelette géante <3 meters> the takes place every September in Fréjus .)

* Boys and also girls born on or close to Easter are often named Pascal and also Pascale.

 Easter Quizzes

Think you’ve got it? Test you yourself on part French Easter terms through this fill-in-the-blank exercise: Joyeuses Pâques

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Or how around a composing challenge? Easter Decorations

Note: You have to be logged right into your progression with Lawless French account to do these exercises. If girlfriend don’t have actually one, authorize up – it’s free!

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