The word for small or little in Italian is piccolo (masculine). The feminine kind is piccola and the plural forms are piccoli (masculine) and also piccole (feminine).

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IPA: /ˈpik.ko.lo//ˈˈˈpik.ko.le/

As in English, you can use the adjective to define something the is small in size.

Ho comprato questa piccola caffettiera oggi. Era in offerta.

I to buy this tiny coffee device today. It was on offer.

Piccolo have the right to signify an ext than just small however. That can also mean mediocre or of tiny importance as soon as talking around a person. The key is to ar the adjective and noun in the appropriate order. Let’s watch a few examples:

un uomo piccolo = a short manun piccolo uomo = a guy of little importanceun impiegato piccolo = a quick employeeun piccolo impiegato = an employee of tiny importanceuna squadra piccola = a tiny teamuna piccola squadra = a trivial team

The place in which you ar the adjective won’t always change its significance. If ns take the instance of the caffettiera (coffee maker) in the sentence above, saying piccola caffettiera or caffettiera piccola way more or less the very same thing. Placing the adjective in front of the noun in this case can emphasize the truth that you find the object little and cute.

Una piccola festa – A tiny party

And as constantly there room some interesting exceptions. For instance the expression pesce piccolo (small fish) means a criminal who is unsuccessful or functions for more powerful criminals.

You have the right to use piccolo to talk about yourself or her abilities in a modest manner…

Nel mio piccolo not like that riuscito a mettere da parte abbastanza.

In my own small way I managed to conserve up enough.

…or as soon as asking who a favour.

Avrei un piccolo favore da chiederti. – Certo, dimmi pure.

I have a small favour to ask. – of course, go ahead.

Piccolo is offered to to express to children or cubs, either to explain them, or together a ax of endearment. An alternative word is piccino (adjective) or cucciolo (cub, however can additionally be provided with children).

È ancora troppo piccola every andare in giro da sola.

She is still too young come go out by herself.

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E il piccolo, come sta? – Bene grazie, ha cominciato a gattonare proprio ieri!

And the small one, exactly how is he? = Fine, give thanks to you, he began to to crawl yesterday!

Piccolo deserve to also readjust the definition of particular words:

piccolo schermo = TV (lit. Little screen)piccolo commercio = retail keep (lit. Small commerce)lettera piccola = lower instance letter (small letter)

You can include piccolo prior to the surname of a famous person or city to define a human being or location that reminds girlfriend of the famous name:

un piccolo Mozart = a musically talented personuna piccola Venezia = a town that resembles Venice for its beauty or canals

Finally, if you want to emphasise the fact that an item or human is little (in a trusted way), you deserve to use the diminutives piccolino or piccoletto.