Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is a role-playing video game developed and also published by Atlus for the playstations 2. It is chronologically the fifth installment in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. Prefer its predecessor, its gameplay combine a traditional role-playing video game with aspects of a society simulation. Its an essential and advertisement success spawned a sizable media empire, consisting of several spinoff titles.

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So I just rescued her from the TV world and also I was wondering, exactly how do I start up her social link, when can I do itPlease NO SPOILERS!

sidescroller said: "You need to have actually maxed courage and also knowledge first of all, and also then you need to talk come the man by the publication store, he"ll it is in wearing black and also have sunglasses. After ~ that, you have the right to talk to Naoto ~ above the an initial floor that the key class building to start her social link." Wow really? how will I understand when I have MAX knowledge and also courage? will the video game tell me?


Never knew it to be max courage as well, yet I had actually that by default...just assumed knowledge. Anyway yeah, day-to-day after school, once you struggle max knowl/courage walk to the market district side wherein the Shrine is, and also at the bottom of it there will be a guy in a black suit when you"re may be to execute the social link. I believe its not automatically it will certainly let you, yet after part days pass he"ll it is in there.


I went through the whole game only meeting the dude when wtf!what ever before i gotta win the 3d one now. I beg your pardon is even long indigenous what it states on the backRise is more my chick anyway

Her S connect is simple to finish, but you don"t have a entirety lot that time to get it done. Just a top up.editHoly crap batman, this thread is ancient.

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Steps 1.Max Knowledge and Courage 2. Go to Shopping ar North and when you obtained there, speak to a man in a fit in the very bottom of phibìc Shopping District, he will offer you a map 3. Go to Yasogami High School and also Check around first floor 4.One Naoto is spotted speak to him about the level white card and also after that..... 5. After ~ the conversation you have now unlocked Naoto Social link Fortune Arcana 6. You can talk come him throughout rainy days in ~ the very same spot you uncovered him at the an initial floor I would certainly know cause i maxed the end his social attach ^_^ expect i assisted Does anyone need help around Kanji"s Social attach now?  Just asking me.. P4 addict

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