Thanks come DonSmith for contributing this article. This tech short article was initially posted in ~ The is mainly intended for 1990"s-2000"s Ford trucks but most likely additionally applies to other Ford models and years.

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Why to be this write-up created?There seems to be a lot of confusion around Daytime to run Lights (DRL) ~ above the Ford F150trucks.How to allow them, exactly how to disable them.Can I use the currently wiring harness to perform thisor perform I need the Ford "kit" to perform it?Where execute I get the parts to allow them?Whatare the component numbers?The following post was developed to help you with enabling or disabling DRL foryour truck.

How DRL Works:1999 and newer:From the manual:The DRL are imposed by using the low beams in ~ a lessened voltageof roughly 80% system voltage. This is accomplished by inserting a DRL resistor in collection with thelow beam filaments. Once the headlamp switch is engaged, the daytime running lamp role is disabledand the low beam filaments obtain 100% mechanism voltage.What the means: The DRL Relay Block enablespower to the low beams and the resistor transforms thevoltage going to the short beams indigenous 12 volts come 10 voltsthus making them dimmer.In trucks the donot have DRL a loop-backplug is in place of the Relay Block i beg your pardon providesground come the Multifunction switch (Steering ColumnHigh/Low/Flash to happen switch) therefore the common low andhigh beam lights still work.

1998 and older: (Sorrypeople... Very limited information on this one)From the manual:The DRL systemis draft to rotate the high beam headlamps on in ~ areduced calculation without illuminating the high beamindicator. The system is activated once the ignitionswitch is in the on position, the headlamp move is inthe turn off position, and the parking brake is released.What it means: The DRL "Module"does everything. The does not use a resistorbut rather uses switches to administer lower voltage tothe High beams. Not sure around to lot morelike wiring, etc.All I recognize is that it"snot compatible v the 1999 and also newer layout.I do but have the part number because that the module:F65Z-15A272-AA.It"s location isaround the very same area together the resistor ~ above the 1999 andnewer trucks.

Some history of mysearch...I have spoken to the business department and partsdepartment in ~ my local Ford Dealership (where i boughtthe truck) letting them understand I want to enable DRL onmy 1999 Ford F150 truck.I to be told thatthis could be excellent by purchase the DRL Kit because that about$55.00.I did just that and also found that Iwould need to hack into my wiring harness to gain this towork.I confirm my shop manual and also found thetruck is already wired because that DRL.I"m make anassumption the this is because Canada needs DRL andFord does not want to have 2 wiring harnesses for thesame truck. For this reason I confirm my truck and also sure enough,the wiring harnesses room there and also all I required to carry out isreplace the loop-backplug v the DRL Relay Block and also install the DRLResistor into it"s location.Ford allows DRL top top Canada trucks simply by pluggingin a DRL Relay Block and also plugging in a DRL Resistor.On American van without DRL, the wiring exploit is the same however they just replace the DRL Relay Blockwith a loop-backplug and put a lid on the wiring harness wherein theDRL Resistor plugs in.The loop-backplug offers ground to the Multifunction Switch(Steering obelisk High/Low/Flash to happen switch) therefore thelights still job-related when the DRL Relay Block is notpresent. On trucks marketed without DRL the DRL Relayblock is not present, so the resistor doesn"t even needto it is in plugged in... Thus the cap. So because that peoplewanting to disable DRL on their trucks, every they need todo is eliminate or unplug the resistor.

I desire toDisable DRL on my Truck...This is actually an extremely easy.You need to findthe resistor (See location is whatever below)and disconnect it. It"s that easy. AndYes... Your low beam and also high beams will stillwork through the resistor unplugged. :)

I want to EnableDRL because that my Truck...So you desire DRL for your truck but don"t desire to go outand obtain the electrical engineering degree needed toinstall the Ford DRL "Kit"?Well... Girlfriend can permit DRL for her truck withouthacking into your wiring harness. Use this website toget areas and component numbers for doing this.There is another great web site out over there to aid youwith this task.See the other DRL WebSite links below.

Location isEverything!Finding this ingredient seemsto be the greatest an obstacle for everyone.Here is where every little thing is situated on mine truck.

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DRL Resistor/Cap:The DRL Resistor (or where it"s an alleged to be) islocated in the front of the truck.Clickfor DiagramsDRL Relay Block/DRL Loop-Back Plug:The DRL Relay Block is located simply under the peak of thepassenger side dash. Clickfor Diagrams

Part Numbers:1999 and newer:The component numbers count on the year of van youhave.What I have actually seen is that listed below are thepart numbers of the Relay Block and also the Resistor: (Thebattery and also penny provide you an idea of size)


Relay Block (Shown Left) - Ford component Number YL1Z-13B218-AAResistor (Shown Right) - Ford component Number XL3Z-14A601-AACost that the relay block is around $45.00 and also the resistoris about $15.00. So for around $65.00 (includingshipping) you have the right to plug in this parts and have DRL onyour truck. :)

1998 and older:


DRL Module - Ford part Number F65Z-15A272-AA

Contacting Me!You deserve to email me at if you have actually questions around this because I"ve excellent this onmy truck and also it works favor a champ.

Disclaimer:(Sorry... I have actually to acquire legal for a minute)What you perform to her truck/car is yourbusiness not mine. I am no responsible because that damagecaused by you or someone rather to friend or your car byfollowing any or all of these pages.Use atyour own risk! work on your vehicle at your ownrisk.All the component ar views and also wiringdiagrams room from the 1999 F-150/250 Shop and also WiringDiagram Manuals distributed by HelmIncorporated.(I would recommend ANYONEdoing occupational on their automobile to acquire the shop manual...not cheap yet they room good! friend can also get themon CD!)