The objective for that is over there is no easy method of calculating the electron-electron repulsions (n-1! paragraph for n ... A Niels Bohr diagram consists the variety of protons and also neutrons in the center of the page with circles about the centre representing the number of electrons and energy levels. ...Atom Popcorn Popper.

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The electron in niel Bohr"s model are configured in the type of planets orbiting the Sun.


Bohr suggested that electrons revolve about the cell core in particular orbits that room quantized. These orbits room demonstrated through the letters K. L, M, and also N. When an electron captivates power it goes come a greater orbital, and also it moves to a reduced orbit as soon as the energy gets discharged. This movement generates discrete spectra that illustrate the reason for quantized levels of energy.

as soon as the electron moves from the an initial energy level come the second energy level, energy is absorbed.


When one electron moves from an initial energy level to the 2nd energy level,energy is being soaked up by the atom which means that the electron jumps indigenous lower energy level to greater energy level.

Bohr"s Equation




E= power of an electron in "n" level (n=1,2,3...etc)

= power of one electron in soil state.

as we can see from this equation power is inversely proportional come the n rule quantum number which way that there will be to decrease in energy. As the power is diminish in magnitude through the an adverse sign which actually means there is boost in energy.

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Energy is absorbed, and an emission heat is produced.

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Electrons are present and also revolving repetitively in the orbits that space present approximately the nucleus. The energy of electron are fixed and also unable to move to other orbits because of the solid attractive force of the proton which is existing in the nucleus of the atom. If the electron wants to run from the first energy level to the second energy level, so the electron has to absorb enough energy which can overcome the attractive force of proton.

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In Niels Bohr"s version of the atom, electrons move b. Like planets orbiting the sun

Further explanation

According to the Bohr atom model, electrons circulate roughly the cell core on a specific path, so that electrons are not attractive to the nucleus. This path is called the electron shell or power level, where the path is closest come the nucleus has the lowest energy

Although this atom model has actually a disadvantage in describing the trajectory that electrons because that atoms the have more electrons (can just predict Hydrogen atoms) yet succeeded in explaining the weaknesses of the Rutherford atomic model. The key weakness the the Rutherford atomic design is the Rutherford cannot explain why negatively fee electrons are not attractive to the nucleus of an atom that has positively charged particles

Both of these models (Rutherford and Bohr) are currently refined v the atomic concept of quantum mechanics

So the Bohr atomic model can describe the spectrum the hydrogen atoms (energy absorbed/ emitted throughout electron transitions) whether it is absorb or emission of energy when contrasted to the Rutherford atom model