Iron (III) hydroxide is the chemical compound, which is made of hydrogen, Iron, and also oxygen having the chemistry formula Fe(OH)3. Based upon the hydration, decision structure, and particle size and shape, the colour of the stole III hydroxides different from dark-brown to black. Here we will examine the stole III hydroxide formula, its properties, chemistry structure and uses. Ferric hydroxide formula is also Fe(OH)3.

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Iron III Hydroxide Properties

Chemical Name

Iron III Hydroxide

Other names

Ferric acid

Iron hydroxide formula or formula the ferric hydroxide


Melting Point

135 °C

Molar Mass

106.867 g/mol


4.25 g/cm³


Vivid dark orange crystals

Solubility in Water


Let us look in ~ the other properties below.

The color of iron (III) oxyhydroxide arrays from yellow with dark-brown come black, based upon the degree of hydration, particle shape, and size, and also crystal structure.


The crystal structure of β-FeOOH (also called akaganeite) is the of BaMn8O16 or hollandite. The unit cabinet is tetragonal, having a=1.048 and also c=0.3023 nm, and holds 8 formula devices of FeOOH. Its dimensions space up come 500 × 50 × 50 nm. Often, twinning produces particles having actually the form of hexagonal stars.


On heater Iron III Hydroxide, β-FeOOH decomposes and also recrystallizes as α-Fe2O3 (which is dubbed hematite).

Natural Occurrences

Anhydrous ferric hydroxide takes ar in nature as the exceedingly rare mineral bernalite, Fe(OH)3·nH2O (n=0.0-0.25). Steel oxyhydroxides are likewise called FeOOH. They are an ext common and take location naturally together structurally assorted minerals (or polymorphs) and are denoted by the Greek letters α, β, γ, and also δ.

Goethite with the chemical formula - α-FeO(OH) has actually been supplied as the ocher pigment since prehistoric times.

Feroxyhyte (δ) have the right to be developed under the high-pressure conditions of the ocean and also sea floors, being thermodynamically unstable through respect to the α-polymorph (or goethite) in ~ the surface conditions.


Limonite, i beg your pardon is a mixture of different polymorphs and also hydrates of ferric oxyhydroxide, is one of the three primary iron ores, having been used since 2500 BC, at least.

Yellow iron oxide, otherwise dubbed Pigment Yellow 42, is the Food and Drug administration - FDA authorized for the usage in cosmetics and can be provided in a few tattoo inks.

Also, iron oxide-hydroxide have the right to be used in aquarium water treatment as a phosphate binder.

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The nanoparticles of stole oxide-hydroxide have actually been learned as possible adsorbents because that the removed of lead from aquatic media.