Ash hardwood is a popular an option when it concerns furniture, doors, cabinetry, flooring, and additionally as a food container. That is great wood because that woodworking. In woodworking, once I to be making other big, strong, and also expensive through Ash wood, ns was constantly wondered, Is Ash a Hardwood?

I chose to look much more into it, and discovered:

Yes, Ash wood is a hardwood. It is incredibly strong and resilient with a greater hardness rating that 1,320 lbf (5,900 N). Since of being hardwood, Ash lumber is resistant to scratches and dents 보다 softwoods. Ash hardwood to produce high-quality commodities with an excellent durability. The hard and also dense cellular frameworks of Ash lumber are strong and simple to maintain.

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But yes a lot an ext you have to know around the hardness of Ash wood.

From this article, i’ll widely talk about is Ash a hardwood and how difficult it is, Ash hardwood characteristics, and also applications. Furthermore, I’ll deep talk around the toughness of Ash wood and Ash hardwood flooring pros and also cons together well.

So, stop dive in!

Ash is a very hard, resilient flooring. It scores 1320 on the Janka hardness scale – harder 보다 oak, beech, or love pine. This makes it appropriate for areas that get moderate amounts of foot traffic.#woodflooring #eagleriverwisconsin #WednesdayWisdom pic.twitter.com/GYUB92xHst

— Kwaterski Bros. Hardwood Products, Inc. (
KwaterskiInc) July 15, 2020

How Hard/Dense Is Ash Wood?

As hardwood is more difficult than any type of softwood and most the the hardwoods together well. According to the Janke hardness test, the hardness value offered for the Ash lumber is 1,320 lbf (5,900 N) which is so much greater hardness rating than many other woods.

When we look at the structure of Ash wood, the is a ring-porous wood. Because of gift a hardwood v a large porous structure, the thickness of Ash hardwood is so much greater than many of the woods and also that is also the factor to consider Ash timber as a hardwood.

The pores in the lumber grain that Ash wood control the spread by allowing the Ash wood grain to end up being harder and also denser.

So, let’s have a look at the hardness that Ash hardwood according to the Janka hardness values.

Tip: Janka hardness check is a measure of the hardness the a specific wood to resemble resistance of hardwood to wear and also dent. It means if part wood has actually a high dent and also wear resistance, that way it has actually a high hardness rating.

Ash wood has actually a hardness rating the 1,320 lbf (5,900 N). below is the hardness to compare of well-known woods according to the Janks hardness test.

Wood speciesHardness value
Brazilian Walnut3,684lbf (16,390N)
Red Mahogany,Turpentine2,697lbf (12,000N)
Brazilian Cherry, Jatoba2,350lbf (10,500N)
Golden Teak2,330lbf (10,400N)
Purpleheart1,860lbf (8,300N)
Hickory,Pecan,Satinwood1,820lbf (8,100N)
Rosewood1,780lbf (7,900N)
African Padauk1,725lbf (7,670N)
Wenge,Red Pine,Hornbeam1,630lbf (7,300N)
Hard Maple,Sugar Maple1,450lbf (6,400N)
Australian Cypress1,375lbf (6,120N)
White Oak1,360lbf (6,000N)
Ash (White)1,320 lbf (5,900 N)
American Beech1,300lbf (5,800N)
Red Oak(Northern)1,290lbf (5,700N)
Yellow Birch / Baltic birch1,260lbf (5,600N)
Heart pine1,225lbf (5,450N)
Teak1,155lbf (5,140N)
Black Walnut,North American Walnut1,010lbf (4,500N)
Cherry995lbf (4,430N)
Black Cherry,Imbuia950lbf (4,200N)
Red Maple950lbf (4,200N)
Silver Maple700lbf (3,100N)
Southern Yellow Pine(LoblollyandShortleaf)690lbf (3,100N)
Douglas Fir660lbf (2,900N)

As you can see Ash is a hardwood and its hardness is therefore much greater than most of the woods that we use.

Ash is an additional well-known bow timber from history but, choose wych elm, the made a far much better broad-limbed level bow 보다 a D-section longbow. Ash is a ring porous hardwood, and also the early on growth hardwood is coarse and stringy, through the late development wood being harder and stronger.

— Tommy Potts (
TommyPotts12) June 28, 2020

So, if you’re tho worried about its hardness before starting your next woodworking project, stop talk around Ash wood qualities o get an ext familiar with Ash wood.

Ash timber Characteristics

Ash wood is light beige to light brown hue color wood with directly grain hardwood v attractive look. Due to the fact that of gift hardwood, the density of Ash hardwood is likewise high contrasted to other wood types. Durability and the toughness of Ash hardwood are additionally high, i beg your pardon is advantageous in furniture making.

Ash wood has a big porous structure that absorbs the paint and also stain for this reason well.

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Because of being lightweight and also having the shock-resistant ability, Ash lumber is renowned in making baseball bats, and other sports equipment.

The characteristics of Ash wood are,

LightweightHardwoodHigh durabilityHigh strengthShock resistantStain wellAesthetically pleasing

The main characteristics of Ash wood deserve to be presented as follows,

ColorBeige to light brown hue color
Density650 – 850 kg/m3
Hardness1,320lbf (5,900N)
Stiffness1.74 Mpsi
Wood TypeNorth American Hardwood
ApplicationsFurniture, doors, cabinetry, flooring

Our practice made Ash Edge grain Butcher Block is a an excellent choice if you are seeking a hardwood that's normally light in shade and very hard. Ash wood's hardness makes it resistant come dents and also scratches.#butcherblock #woodcountertops #countertops #kitchendesign #kitchenisland pic.twitter.com/D9EWrzTIBv

— Hardwood lumber Co. (
hardwoodlumber1) august 26, 2021

So, let’s have a look in ~ the provides of Ash wood to get an idea around the versatility of Ash as a hardwood.

What is Ash Hardwood used For?

Ash wood is a popular wood amongst woodworkers which have the right to use for,

CabinetsFurnitureWeaponsToolsSports equipmentDoorsFlooring and many more

Ash lumber is hard, dense, resilient with having incredible strength. These characteristics make it perfect for any type of woodworking project. Ash lumber is a hardwood with unique elasticity. Therefore, Ash timber fits any room without under troubles.

Ash timber takes stain and paint well. Therefore, finishing is basic with Ash lumber without gaining a blotchy surface. together a hardwood Ash wood is normally resistant to scratches and dents. Therefore, we can conveniently use Ash timber for tough surfaces.

The water resistance and decay resistance and other good qualities of Ash wood space pretty much advantageous when make outdoor furniture.

Uses for Ash wood

How solid Is Ash Wood?

Ash timber is considered one that the strongest wood varieties in the world. It has actually a compressive stamin of 7,410 psi and a bending strength of 15,000 psi i m sorry is therefore much higher than any hardwood we know. This is why Ash wood has incredible strength with so lot power to keep its dimensional stability versus high stress.

Ash timber has good workability and also dimensional security that is so beneficial for furniture making. Since of gift a strong wood, Ash lumber takes nailing, gluing, screwing therefore well. Being lightweight while maintaining its toughness is another significant quality the Ash wood.

The fantastic strength and also flexibility the Ash lumber make the lumber strong, durable, and also resistant come outdoor elements.

White ash is a rapidly farming timber tree aboriginal to eastern Nth America. The shock-resistant wood is supplied for tools and also baseball bats. Pic.twitter.com/kfWZsbrp84

— Kew Gardens (
kewgardens) October 15, 2016

Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash wood is a hard, dense, and incredibly strong wood through Janks hardness rating of 1,320 lbf (5,900 N). This provides Ash timber is appropriate for flooring. Ash wood has great resistant come scratches and dents together well. Due to the fact that of this qualities, Ash wood is widely used for flooring.

Ash hardwood can conveniently handle foot traffic. The workability is also higher than other usual hardwoods used for floorings, such together Maple and also Hickory because of are fairly softer 보다 those two. Therefore, Ash hardwood is basic to cut and doesn’t tear up easily.

So, let’s have a look at the benefits and disadvantages you’ll get by using Ash hardwood for flooring.

Your hardwood floors don't need to be #rustic and #distressed, yet can it is in #sleek and also #modern as well, choose this beautiful #Ash flooring! pic.twitter.com/cu1NJ5ZTdG

— Ward Hardwood (
WardHardwood) July 15, 2018

Ash Hardwood Flooring Pros and also Cons

Hereby i have noted some of the significant benefits and drawbacks you’ll receive by utilizing Ash hardwood flooring.

Hardwood (High hardness value)Need high maintenance
High DensityLess moth, beetle, and termite-proof
High DurabilityExpensive
Stronger 보다 manyLess availability to find vast planks because that as lumber flooring
Scratch and also dent resistantBurn much faster (more flammable than many other woods)
Easily take care of foot trafficNot great for exterior flooring without proper finishing since Ash wood easily gets attacked by insects.
High workability (Easy to cut)
Take stain and also paint therefore well
Beautiful light color and also wood grain
Can quickly install in larger spaces since of high elasticity
Because of having a much more natural color, Ash timber flooring can conveniently hide dust and also dirt

As you deserve to see, in terms of the pros and cons that Ash hardwood flooring, Ash wood is one of the finest woods for this application. With appropriate finishing, you deserve to use Ash hardwood for both interior and also exterior flooring purposes.

So, let’s answer few of the typically asked inquiries under is Ash a hardwood.

Is Ash Harder 보다 Maple?

Ash timber is harder 보다 soft Maple, but it is softer than difficult Maple. According come the Janks hardness ratings,

Wood TypeHardness
Ash Wood1,320 lb.
Hard Maple1,450 lb.
Soft Maple950 lb.

As you have the right to see, if you’re comparing Ash wood with difficult Maple wood, yes difficult Maple is harder and also stronger than Ash wood. However with soft Maple, Ash wood clearly has greater strength with high hardness.

The reason for having higher hardness 보다 Ash timber is because of the an extremely tight grain structure of tough Maple. that is much less porous, and the diameter that fiber ship of hard Maple is for this reason much much less than Ash wood. Therefore, the variety of fibers in a unit area of tough Maple is greater than Ash wood. This makes it denser and also harder 보다 Ash wood.

Is Ash Harder 보다 Oak?

Ash hardwood is harder 보다 red Oak and also shows a similar value the hardness with White Oak. Ash wood has a higher hardness rating than Oak lumber according to the Janka hardness test values.

Wood TypeHardness
Ash Wood1,320 lb.
Red Oak1,290 lb.
White Oak1,360 lb.

Both Ash wood and Oak are considered as among the hardest woods on the planet with great strength and durability. Therefore, to compare these 2 kinds of hardwood in terms of hardness is useless. Follow to your hardness, both are mostly the same.

A comparable wood come oak that's even harder is ash.
WoodFloorMaste2) September 23, 2014

Is Ash Harder 보다 Hickory?

Hickory is harder and stronger 보다 Ash wood. According to the Janka hardness values, Hickory is clearly a winner versus Ash wood.

Wood TypeHardness
Ash Wood1,320 lb.
Hickory1,820 lb.

If you’re looking harder, stronger, and also denser wood than Ash lumber for your following woodworking project, I have the right to highly introduce Hickory not only because of its good hardness but likewise because of its good qualities which room applicable for any type of woodworking project.

Did ns cover every you want to know about: Is Ash A Hardwood?

In this article, we have actually deeply gone v the inquiry is Ash a hardwood through considering how hard/dense Ash wood is.

Secondly, we have widely questioned the qualities of Ash wood and also the provides of Ash hardwood for miscellaneous purposes.

The conclusion is that Ash hardwood is a hardwood through lots of an excellent qualities. Such together strong, dense, and also beautiful appeal wood. so, I very recommend Ash hardwood for any woodworking application.

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Then we have talked about Ash hardwood flooring pros and also cons and also finally, we have answered the generally asked questions around is Ash a hardwood.

However, Ash timber is a an excellent choice because that your next woodworking project. Expect you’ll reap the woodwork girlfriend make through Ash wood!