Veteran gospel singer Lee Williams’ reason of fatality is tho behind the shadows after the passed away on august 30, 2021. May he rest in peace.

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The Lee Williams and also the spiritual QC’s group announced the sad news via a Facebook post on Monday, august 30, v their 137K fans. They revealed the the founder that the group, Lee Williams, died in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The heartbreaking write-up has currently garnered over 5K reactions and 2.5K comments, and Williams is trending on society media after countless fans required to Twitter come share their condolences.


The band was the first to break the sad news around Lee Williams‘ death. The explain reads: “It is with our deepest woe that us announce the happen of our do not be afraid leader, Dr. Lee Williams.”

“We give thanks to God for enabling him to stop By top top His method Home, and though he has moved from his momentary house, the love, the memories, and the music will linger on. We will constantly remember the to give Up is not an option if we desire to be invited Home.”

The Lee Williams and The spirituality QC’s group announced the “Funeral arrangements and also other info will be announced in ~ a later on time.” they continued: “The family appreciates every one of your condolences and also respect throughout this time the bereavement. God Bless girlfriend All…..Thank You, say thanks to You, and also Thank You!”

The band’s statement walk not mention the reason of death. However, it appears Williams passed away after his long battle with Alzheimer’s.

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What’s Lee Williams’ cause of Death?

While countless fans are asking around Lee Williams’ cause of death, there isn’t any kind of official statement bordering his reason of fatality at this time. His family additionally has not revealed any type of details surrounding his fatality cause.

Some think that that passed far after his battle with Alzheimer’s, as result of which the singer announced his retirement indigenous music in 2018.

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Lee Williams started his career together a gospel singer in ~ the young age of eight. Lee Williams and also The spiritual QC’s is a gospel quartet native Tupelo, Mississippi.

The band began recording roughly 1970. The group contains Lee Williams as lead singer, Patrick Hollis as a elevator singer, Leonard Shumpert as second lead vocalist, Al Hollis as guitarist and background vocal, and new full-time bassist Tommie Harris.

The band’s an initial recordings to be a collection of 45 records on the Designer brand out the Memphis. Their very first national recording to be at the Georgia-based gospel brand MCG Records.

Their very first album was named “Jesus Is Alive and also Well,” which included the hit record “I’ve Learned to Lean.” “Love will Go all the Way” was their second album, released in 1998. The 2nd album contained several songs from their first album.

The group’s third album was released in 2000, title “Good Time.” The third album reached the height Ten of Billboard‘s gospel albums chart.

It is a complicated time because that Williams’ family and friends. Words cannot express ours deep sorrow from the pass of the legendary singer, and also we asking you all to save Williams, his family, his friends, and all of his love ones in her thoughts with this agonizing time.

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Reactions come Lee Williams’ Death

Shortly after ~ the sad news the Lee Williams’ fatality was revealed, his devasted fans and friends paid poignant tributes to him and also spread their condolence through social media.

Kurt Carr created on Twitter: “I gigantic of the quartet human being has received his wings. Lee Williams, the founder, and leader the the team Lee Williams & the spiritual QC’s, has actually passed in Tupelo, Mississippi. He was 74! keep his family in prayer, and also pray for the Gospel/Quartet music community!

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“RIH #LeeWilliams. Obtained a possibility to accomplish this legend when I resided in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nice down-to-earth man with a lot of wisdom. Rest sir.
Memphis, Tennessee,” one fan said on Twitter.

“y’all… this news about Lee Williams has actually me under a bit. I thrived up v the privilege of gift able to walk to concert often but going to check out Lee in Tulsa as a kid??? i was ~ above cloud 1000!” another fan wrote.

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“RIP come Lee Williams that Lee Williams & The spirituality QC’s….Come See about Me, running for my Life, Cooling Water, etc. Mama from Mississippi had actually me right cultivation up,” one society media user tweeted.

K-Ci Hailey wrote: “Today gospel music legend Lee Williams has actually been called home come the Lord.