- If you believethat salt are constantly neutral, climate you room in because that a surprise. Watch salts, they can be bothacidic and basic as well. In this video, we aregoing to take part salts, and shot to recognize their nature. So an initial of all, allows beginwith what we currently know. Therefore we know that mountain andbases, when they react, lock neutralize each other's effect. They go under nucleation reaction, and also a salt and water is formed, right? We'll additionally see part examples, like, when HCl reacts through NaOHbase, we obtain the salt NaCl, NaCl salt, and also this is a neutral salt, an interpretation when we put NaCl inwater that does not increase the concentration of one of two people H+ or OH- and also that's why we call this as a neutral salt. Yet see, one point to keep in mind over right here is the HCl, this is a solid acid, and NaOH, this is a strong base. So what I mean is that as soon as a strong acid and also a strong base react, the salt that gets developed is neutral because they both have equally neutralized each other's effect. Castle both have actually canceledeach other's effect. Yet you know, if a solid acid is reacting v a weak base, climate in that situation thesalt the gets formed takes the nature that the solid parent. It i do not care slightly acidic. And on the other hand, when we have actually a weak acidreacting v a strong base, it additionally takes the nature of the strong parent. The becomes an easy in nature. And also now if you're guessing the a weak acid will react v a weak base to offer me a neutral salt, then that's not fully right. See, to know thiswe will have to talk about many more concepts solet's no talk about this in this details video. We'll cover that in a different video. In this video, let's only cover these three aspects. And if you have actually a question (mumbles), exactly how are these points happening. Like exactly how is it that a strong acid reacts v a weak basic to offer me an acidic salt? so we have covered the how part of the in a different videocalled the exactly how of this. In this video we will take up part salts and shot to identify their nature based on this table. So let's begin. For this reason this is the salt the is given. Salt acetate, CH₃COONa. And also how to find out thenature of this salt, whether this is acidic, basic, or neutral? fine to execute that, first of every I'll have actually to discover out what acid and base would have reacted to give me this salt. Then, depending on thenature the the acid and also base, ns can discuss what will be the nature that this salt, right? for this reason why don't you stop the video and shot this by you yourself first. Shot to number out what acid and base will react to offer me this salt. Currently if you have tried it, let's see. For this reason we know that the ion of acid and also base, lock exchange position and we get salt and also water. So come get earlier the acid and also base, we deserve to exchange theions of salt through water. Therefore let's carry out that. Therefore water, or H2O, have the right to be created as HOH. Now let's create down theions of both that these. For this reason the ion of our salt will be CH3COO-, or acetate ion and also the salt plus sign,Na+ and also the ion from water, I have the right to write it together H⁺ ion and also hydroxide ion, OH⁻ ion. Currently let's exchange the ion to acquire the acid and base. For this reason this time ns can combine acetate ion and also H⁺ ion, right? i will acquire CH3COOH, and this is going to it is in our acid. And now I have the right to combineNa+ and hydroxide ion and also I will obtain my baseNaOH, salt hydroxide. This is our base. So us have found out the parent acid and base for the givensalt, sodium acetate, right? for this reason the very first step is done. Currently the next step is to uncover out what is the nature that acid and base. Meaning, i m sorry of theseare solid and weak. So have the right to you pause the video clip and try to discover thisout by you yourself first? now if you have tried it, let's see. Therefore you could recall that sodium hydroxide, this is a solid base. Currently this way that all themolecules of sodium hydroxide will dissociate, failure and offer us ions, sodium ion and also hydroxide ion. And if girlfriend don't recall the meaning of strong and weak rightnow, climate don't worry. We have talked aboutthis in a great detail in a separate video clip called solid and Weak mountain Bases. So i would suggest you to watch that video and then come back here. Okay, if you currently are conscious of this, let's relocate ahead. The acid that we haveover here, acetic acid, you will certainly recall the this is a weak acid. Currently this means that not all the molecule of this acid space going come dissociate. This acid just dissociatespartially, okay? now that we understand the nature of parent acid and also base, can you guess what isthe nature the the salt? stop the video and think around this. Currently if you have actually thoughtabout this, let's see. So we have seen earlierthat the nature the the salt relies on the natureof the solid parent. For this reason over below we have actually a weak acid but a strong base. That method our salt is alsogoing to be straightforward in nature. For this reason that's the answer. We have a simple salt, and also with this we have solved the problem. So see, the very first step was, indigenous the offered salt, try to find out the acid and the base that could have reaction upon this. The 2nd step to be to uncover the nature the the provided acid and also base. And then, the 3rd step was, from this nature, discover outthe nature that the salt. Currently let's try to perform one more example. Therefore this time I have actually the saltNH₄Cl, ammonium chloride, and I have actually to discover out its' nature. So can you pause the video and do all the three steps, and also then number out what is the answer? pause the video clip and offer it a try. Now if you have actually tried it, let's see. Therefore the very first step was to figure out the parental acid and base that could react to type this salt, right? so we understand that ions of acids and bases, they exchange place andthen we gain salt and water. For this reason one means to find out the acid and base is to exchange the ions in between the salt and also water. Therefore let's carry out that. Water I will certainly write it together HOH. Now let's create down theions that the salt and also water. From ours salt you will acquire the ion NH⁺₄ and Cl-, chloride ion. From water I will getH+ and hydroxide, OH-. Currently let's exchange the ions. So you have actually NH⁺₄. Thiscan integrate with OH-, this will go v OH-, and also I'll obtain NH4OH and this is walking to be a base. This has actually OH in it, base. And Cl-, chloride ion, will go through H+ and also we will gain HCl and we know that is one acid. For this reason this is the very first step. We have uncovered out the parental base and acid because that the offered salt. Now the second step to be to discover out the nature the the base and also acid, right? so let's see. We know thatHCl, this is a solid acid. HCl is a strong acid. That goes under finish dissociation. And we have additionally seen that NH4OH, ammonium hydroxide,this is a weak base. This undergoes partial dissociation only. Just a few molecules that this will break into its' ions, okay? therefore we have a strong acidreacting through a weak base to provide us this salt. Now, the third step. Have the right to we number out what isthe nature the the salt? for this reason see, we have seen earlierthat the nature of the salt depends on the natureof the strong parent. So right here we have actually a weak basic reacting v a solid acid. For this reason the solid parent is the acid. That means our salt is goingto it is in acidic in nature. This is walking to it is in our answer, and also we have actually solved this problem. Now let's summary the video. In this video clip we saw that salts can be acidic, basic, or neutral in nature. And the nature depends on the nature of the parental acid and base. We experienced that what willbe the nature that salt if the acid and also base both space strong, and what will be the nature if among them is solid and the other is weak.

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Ns hope you have the right to rememberall of this natures, and also if friend can't, then don't worry. You can go ago and clock the video clip again.