2 Elections and also appointments2.1 Florida supreme Court (2008-present)3 Analysis4 State can be fried court judicial an option in Florida

Ricky Polston is a judge of the Florida supreme Court. The assumed office ~ above October 2, 2008. His present term end on January 2, 2023.

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Polston was appointed to the court by Gov. Charlie Crist (R) on Oct. 1, 2008, to replace retiring righteousness Kenneth Bell.<1><2> the was preserved by voter in 2010 and 2016. Come read much more about judicial selection in Florida, click here.

In 2020, lungemine.com released lungemine.com Courts: State Partisanship, a study analyzing the partisan affiliation of all state supreme court judge in the country. As component of this study, we assigned every justice a to trust Score describing our confidence in the degree of partisanship exhibited by the justices" previous partisan behavior, before they join the court.<3> Polston got a to trust score that Mild Republican.<4> Click below to read an ext about this study.

Polston offered as the chief justice of the court native 2012 to 2014.<5> prior to his meeting to the state supreme court, Polston served as a judge on the Florida an initial District Court that Appeal and worked together an adjunct legislation professor in ~ Florida State University.<6>


Polston was born in Dothan, Alabama, top top November 20, 1955.<7> He obtained an associate degree from Chipola small College in 1975 and also a bachelor"s level from Florida State university in 1977.<6> He worked as one accountant indigenous 1977 come 1984 prior to returning come Florida State college where that earned his law degree in 1986.<6>

Polston worked as an attorney in private exercise from 1987 to 2000.<6> In 2001, Gov. Jeb bush (R) appointed Polston to the Florida very first District Court of Appeal, where he served until Gov. Charlie Crist (R) appointed him come state supreme court in 2008.<1><8> during his time together a judge, Polston also worked together an adjunct regulation professor in ~ Florida State University.<6>

Elections and also appointments

Florida can be fried Court (2008-present)

Polston was appointed to the Florida supreme Court through Gov. Charlie Crist (R) on Oct. 1, 2008, to replace retiring righteousness Kenneth Bell.<1><6>

2016See also: Florida can be fried Court elections, 2016

Polston was preserved by voters on November 8, 2016, receiving 67.8% of the vote.<9>

Florida can be fried Court, associate Justice 2016 basic election resultsCandidatesVotesPercent
Ricky Polston
Against retention1,494,75433.9%


lungemine.com Courts: State Partisanship (2020)

See also: lungemine.com Courts: State Partisanship and lungemine.com Courts: Determiners and also Dissenters

Last updated: June 15, 2020

In 2020, lungemine.com released lungemine.com Courts: State Partisanship, a study assessing the partisan affiliation of all state can be fried court justices in the nation as of June 15, 2020.

The examine presented to trust Scores that represented our trust in each justice"s level of partisan affiliation. This was not a measure up of wherein a justice fell on an ideological spectrum, yet rather a measure of just how much to trust we had actually that a justice was or had been affiliated with a politics party. The scores were based upon seven factors, including but not limited to party registration.<11>

The five resulting categories of trust Scores were:

Strong DemocratMild DemocratMild RepublicanStrong Republican

This justice"s confidence Score, and also the components contributing to the score, is gift below. The information below was existing as of June 2020.

Ricky Polston



Partisan to trust Score: Mild RepublicanJudicial choice Method: Assisted appointment v governor controlled judicial nominating commissionKey Factors: Donated much less than $2,000 to Republican candidatesAppointed by a Republican governorState to be a Republican trifecta in ~ time that appointment

Bonica and also Woodruff campaign finance scores (2012)

See also: Bonica and also Woodruff campaign finance scores of state supreme court justices, 2012

In October 2012, political science professors Adam Bonica and Michael Woodruff of Stanford college attempted to recognize the partisan ideology of state supreme court justices. They produced a scoring device in i m sorry a score over 0 shown a an ext conservative-leaning ideology, when scores below 0 were more liberal.

Polston obtained a campaign finance score the 0.83, indicating a conservative ideology system leaning. This was an ext conservative 보다 the average score the 0.51 that justices obtained in Florida.

The examine was based on data from campaign contributions by the judges themselves, the partisan leaning that those who contributed to the judges" campaigns, or, in the lack of elections, the ideology of the appointing body (governor or legislature). This research was not a definitive label of a justice, but an scholastic summary of miscellaneous relevant factors.<13>

State can be fried court judicial choice in Florida

See also: Judicial an option in Florida

The seven justices of the Florida can be fried Court room selected in an the same manner. A judicial nominating commission consisting of ripe members who room appointed by the branch to four-year terms screens potential righteousness candidates.<14> it submits a list of three to 6 nominees come the governor, and also the governor should then appoint a referee from the list.<15>

Newly appointed judges offer for at the very least one year, after i beg your pardon they show up in a yes-no retention choice held during the next general election. If retained, judges serve six-year terms.<15> Under the Florida constitution, a judge have to retire at period 75; however, a judge who reaches 75 after offer at least fifty percent of his or her term may complete that term.<16>


To offer on the court, a judge must be:

a standard elector;a state resident;admitted come practice law in the state because that 10 years prior to assuming the bench; andunder the age of 75.

Chief justice

The chef justice the the supreme court is selected through peer vote. He or she serves in that volume for 2 years.<15>


See also: just how vacancies are filled in state supreme courts

If a midterm vacancy occurs, the seat is filled together it usually would it is in if the vacancy arisen at the finish of a judge"s term. A judicial nominating board of directors recommends three to 6 qualified candidates to the governor, and also the governor selects a successor from that list. The brand-new appointee serves for at the very least one year before running in a yes-no retention election.

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The map listed below highlights how vacancies space filled in state supreme courts across the country.