Josh Thompson has actually been making a surname for himself in Nashville as one of country music's hottest rising stars. Together an artist, Thompson has actually scored himself two huge hits, consisting of his recent single, 'Won't be Lonely Long,' i beg your pardon is acquiring ready to go into the optimal 20 in a matter of weeks. However when Thompson an initial moved come Nashville, he spent lot of his time creating songs, one of which was videotaped by country-rocker Jason Aldean on his recent album, 'My Kinda Party.'

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'Church Pew or Bar Stool,' created by Thompson, Adam Craig and also Michael Howard, was among the very first 10 songs the singer wrote when he very first got to town.

"After we created it and also demoed it, the publishing company said the nobody’s ever going to document a four-minute and also 20-second song about churches and bars," Thompson tells Taste of Country. "We simply kind the forgot around it, but I always loved that song. Ns played the live all the moment for years. It just kind of sat on the shelf for five years, and also then all of a suddenly in the expectations of favor a month, Aldean heard it and recorded it."

The track is a part of easier times, as Aldean sings in the text of the opened verse: "Not a entirety lot walking on, a little town Friday night / Revving up at a red light, on your note get set go / past a mom and pop restaurant / Same four trucks parked out front / ns guess girlfriend gotta make your own fun / when you're grounding in a place this slow-moving / There's only two way of salvation approximately here the seem to work-related / Whiskey or the holy bible / A shooting glass or revival."

"I hear a lot of of civilization tell me they simply love that song," Thompson says, referring particularly to the contents of the lyrics. "That tune is therefore America. It’s therefore small-town everywhere. There space two bars and a church <laughs>, and some various other stuff. That’s how most the the tiny towns in America go. I feel like a many of human being can relate to it … every word in it."

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"When friend don't it seems to be ~ to operation on either next of the fence / civilization act favor you don't make feeling / These large town dreams that I've to be chasin' / Will never come true if i wind up staying / and also I don't want to loss in, the very same rut / the everybody right here seems to be grounding in now / Why do I hang around? / In this church pew or bar stool kind of town," Aldean sings in the song's chorus.

"That’s one of my favorite songs, and also he yes, really does a good job through it," Thompson praises. "It’s in reality my ringtone. I kind of combated with the truth that my ringtone is my song, yet at the finish of the day, it’s no me singing it. Ns think that could possibly be the tackiest thing anybody can do: have actually a ringtone that a tune they’re singing, therefore that’s just how I justification it <laughs>! ‘That’s Jason Aldean; that’s no me!’ <laughs>."