If the reverse lights on her XJ have actually stopped working, or only work-related some of the time, your Neutral safety Switch (NSS) could need to it is in cleaned. The NSS is what controls your reverse lights and what keeps the engine from being began in any gear various other that Park or Neutral (hence the name). Having the dealer change the NSS will expense you between $300-$400, therefore doing this yourself can save you a bundle!


First point to perform is find the NSS of course. It’s down on the passenger-side of the tranny. No the easiest location to occupational on, yet all girlfriend really need to do under the rig is acquire the NSS turn off the tranny…Now the you’ve discovered the NSS, you’ll need to remove the 12mm bolt indigenous the top of the switch case, then pry down the tabs on the lock washer and remove the big nut native the switch case.

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Next you’ll must pull the NSS turn off the tranny. It’s fairly stubborn, and you can’t ‘twist’ it turn off — it’s acquired to come straight off. Making use of a great tip I gained from the JeepsUnlimited Cherokee forum, ns threaded the retainer nut earlier on a couple of turns, then used a level head screw driver to carefully pry the NSS off, making use of the lip of the tranny pan for leverage. This worked like a champ and also didn’t damage the unit.


Now you’ll must go unplug the NSS indigenous the engine bay. The plug is situated to the next of the valve cover by the dipstick. The exploit will more than likely be hosted in by a couple of zipties, this was in reality the hardest component of the process — snaking my hand increase behind the engine to cut the zipties. One point I uncovered handy to be to tie a length of wire to the plug, therefore that as soon as I pulled it down and also out of the engine bay, ns threaded the wire down v it. This will assist out later on when you need to gain that plug earlier up right into the engine bay from below.
This is what the NSS and also its exploit looks like.


Now that the move is out of the vehicle, it’s time to take it it apart and also clean it. There space 6 small Phillips-head screws stop the switch situation together. As soon as you remove these screws you can pull the two halves apart.
With the move disassembled, clean the end both halves through carb cleaner or something similar. I used brake cleaner. Be careful removing the wiper arm, there are two little spring-loaded brass contacts the may autumn out, and they’re tough to uncover if lock do… on mine, among these contact had obtained stuck increase in the wiper arm as result of the dried the end grease within the switch.

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Once everything is nice and also clean, take it some very fine sand paper and polish the terminals top top the switch half as well together the contact in the wiper arm.
Now grease the switch parts with some white lithium or dielectric grease and also reassemble the switch.Place the switch ago on the obelisk on the tranny and replace the lock washer, retainer nut, and also locating bolt. Here’s where the wire we threaded down previously comes right into play… the NSS’s plug requirements to go ago up into the engine bay. The the end if the wire approximately the plug and also haul it up. Plug the harness earlier in!

That’s really all there is to it. Verify the engine will just start with the tranny in Park or Neutral and also that your reverse lights room working again. Total time was about 2 hours, acquisition my time and taking photos. Full cost to be a pair of bucks for cleaner and grease. Certainly well precious the time and also effort, especially contrasted to shelling the end a pair hundred at the dealership!