Randy Orton and John Cena room two the the biggest personalities to ever step into a WWE ring. Cena is a sixteen-time people champion if Orton has held a complete of fourteen civilization titles in WWE.

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So are these two wrestling legends real-life friends? The answer is yes. Your friendship is not surprise from your fanbase. John Cena and Randy Orton have actually been together since their time at Ohio valley Wrestling (OVW).

They have functioned in assorted rivalries together, therefore they share true companionship. This is among the significant reasons behind their friendship in genuine life.

Randy Orton even went out of his character to compliment man Cena when he appeared on WWE"s display - "After the Bell" through Cory Graves.

"And john Cena. God, I dislike saying it, but I learned a lot of from the m***********. I really did. Talk about slowing down and also breathing and listening to the people. He to be a master. He was a f****** ninja at listening come the crowd," Orton said.

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The duo has competed as a sign team in various matches, and also both frequently mention each other on Twitter. Randy Orton when posted a picture of self kissing man Cena"s poster, also mentioning The rock as man Cena and also The Rock at this time work in the exact same business, i.e. Hollywood.

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