Alright for this reason i gained KH2FM and i wanted to placed some of my codebreaker password on it, however i ended up obtaining swap magic 3.8 and it has actually some amazing cheat basic system currently built right into it for this reason it won let me switch between my codebreaker and the swap magic. I cant find any type of codes for KH2FM and i desire to beat this game to that fullest extent. Deserve to anybody assist me?


You don"t have to use cheat to pat KH2FM to its fullest extent... Actually, be happy you have actually KH2FM due to the fact that it is really hard to get it elsewhere.

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If you ever want precise code because that something, anything, contact me, i acquired a bunch of life codes.

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If you ever want specific code for something, anything, call me, i acquired a bunch of life codes.



I additionally have KH2FM. It"s an extremely good. I still have to beat Xemnas and also Larxene data battles at crucial Mode. I only use password in the typical KH2 come play as Roxas. Also if i wanted, that"s the only game I can use codes. Mine PS2 has actually a clone matrix Chip 1.93, so that doens"t assistance the 2nd boot. I had actually to make a Ps2 MultiLoader through KH2 and Codebreaker. And I did it. I choose Roxas ~ above KH2 so I want to play more with him.

Playing the game to the fullest extent would be playing lvl 1 crit mode with weakest keyblade and no abilities and also no items, using cheats kinda renders you pat the video game to the the very least extent due to the fact that your cheating

I"m pretty certain it"s raw codes for swap magic. Omniconvert is a good program for transforming code formats, if all else fails.

This repertoire probably has actually raw codes. Ns don"t recall having actually to adjust them a great deal as soon as I placed some in come skip items grinding.

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