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JoinedNov 11, 2014Messages1,640Reaction score96Points49 Awards 35 Age48LocationSomewhere eastern of Atlanta,
Ugh, i just obtained to this guy. Can"t seem to do much to him.Is there any kind of easy way to beat him? I can go earlier down and also grind if require be. In case I need more cards or something.

JoinedJul 13, 2008Messages34,810Reaction score2,853Points115 Awards 94
In Twilight Town? collection your deck up because that a most sonic blade and lethal frame. Maybe any kind of kind of fire/ra/ga or fire + gravity. It"s all around dodging him and also then making use of sleights or 0s to cancel his attacks. If you space still having a tough time, you might want to get an ext cards in your deck.

The Sonic Blade and Lethal frame strategy functions for nearly every Sleight-using boss in the game, so it"s great to work-related towards. By all means, usage Firaga come pad out your deck versus Vexen for the time being.

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JoinedNov 11, 2014Messages1,640Reaction score96Points49 Awards 35 Age48LocationSomewhere east of Atlanta,
I"ll see around running down and also getting some more cards. (The last people in my collection was hundred Acre hardwood actually.)And correct this is the inital boss, he"s control me batty. I"ll comprise a deck for this guy and also go knife up some an ext cards on reduced floors.