Alright, this week i am walking to take it a detour from my favourite TV collection and YouTube channels. Today, ns am going come talk about a movie that i haven’t seen yet know a lot about the topic. The movie is La Vie en Rose and also is around the beautiful tragic story of Édith Piaf, the famous singer and songwriter the the early on 40s and 50s.

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First off , the tune ‘La Vie en Rose’ is simply a wonderful song. Luigi Armstrong’s rendition is wonderful, yet Édith Piaf’s original in French is perfect. The song is a basic yet relocating song about the love for someone and how that love makes the totality world around them better. The literal meaning translation of ‘La Vie en Rose’ typical ‘a life in pink’, but to Piaf it was ‘looking at the world though pink shaded glasses’. Nice flipping poetic, if i say so.

Édith Piaf’s life sorry is also an extremely interesting. From the beginning, Piaf’s mommy abandoned her and her father once she was born. This brought about Piaf to be elevated my she paternal grandmother at a brothel while her father served in the French army during human being War 1. When he reverted after the war, Piaf and him both joined an acrobatics team wherein they roamed and also performed top top the roadways of Paris for money. This is where Piaf began her track career.

Soon after, Piaf moved from roadways to nightclubs. Incredibly nervous, Piaf would wear black apparel to calm herself and also to hid her body in the dark so human being won’t watch how small she to be (4’ 8”). From climate on I began to be her trademark. During her early on career, Piaf had actually her only daughter named Marcelle, that at the age of 2 died from meningitis. Despite this, Édith Piaf still performed and also began to get fame.

During the French Occupation in human being War 2, Piaf’s game prospered even an ext and she soared in popularity amongst the Germans. So lot so that she to be tried as a traitor in court. Thankfully her secretary at the time conserved her from conviction by saying she aided French soldiers as soon as she came and visitors POW camps.

After the war, Édith ongoing on her route to fame and fell in love through the already married Marcel Cerden, the former middleweight civilization champion ~ above boxing. Throughout this time, she created ‘La Vie en Rose’ about her love because that Marcel and begged him come visit American v her while she to be performing. He offered in and took a plane, however his aircraft crashes before he might see her. ~ that, Édith tho performed and also wrote her most famous song ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’. This translates to ‘no, I execute not remorse anything’. Edith Piaf then gotten in a rough part of her life whereby she tuned come morphine and also alcohol, which became cutting she life short.

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Even though her life to be filled v heartache and emptiness, Piaf still had actually the outlook on life to check out the beauty, beauty in everything. She truly perceived the civilization through pink glasses. I can’t wait come see how the movie tries to capture all this is Edith Piaf.