Faravahar Zoroastrianism is one of the most old religions still practiced today. Started by a spiritual leader named Zoroaster, it preceded Judaism and also Christianity, has links with Hinduism and also may date ago to prior to 6000 B.C. Zoroastrianism is thought to have developed among tribal-pastoral people living in the mountain ranges that the Hindu Kush and also Seristan, a territory mutual by Iran and Afghanistan. Native northeast Iran it spread through the Persian Achaemenid realm beginning about the sixth century B.C.

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Zoroastrianism is credited with help to unify various tribes that resided in Persia in the 6th century B.C. Into the Persians. At its elevation Zoroastrianism was the predominate religious beliefs of civilization in Persia and Asia Minor and also parts of main Asia and the middle East. ~ the conquest of Alexander the Great, Greek and also Semitic aspects were included to the religion. In A.D. 226, it ended up being the state faith of the Persian Sassanian Empire, which spread out as much as east as India and as much west together Egypt. The most famed Zoroastrians are possibly the 3 Wise guys who checked out the infant Jesus.

Zoroastrianism remained a significant religion until the Arab invasion in the 7th century when many Persians converted to Islam. Under Muslim rule, Zoroastrians to be persecuted and also subjected to forced conversion. Throughout this period many emigrated to India, whereby they became known as the Parsis. Some additionally moved come China yet that community was suppressed in the 11th century.

The Zoroastrians that remained in Iran sustained severe poverty and discrimination. Through the 13th century they had actually disappeared from the historical record. The wasn’t till European began exploring Iran in the 17th century the the Zoroastrians were rediscovered.

Zoroastrian Numbers

Parsi wedding portrait there are about 120,000 to 150,000 practitioners of Zoroastrianism (2009), with more than half in India and also less than half in Iran. This is around fifty percent the variety of a couple of decades ago. A third are over 60. Zoroastrians provided to number in the millions yet have experienced as a an outcome of persecution, conversion to various other religions and also a low populace growth rate. Lock have had a particularly hard time in Iran, where there can be as couple of as 30,000 left.

around 70,000 practitioners that Zoroastrianism live in India, wherein they are known as Parsis. Around 70 percent of lock live in Bombay. They have actually also resolved in recent times in every the major cities and also towns in India. They are lighter skinned than various other Indians and they check out themselves as a different ethnic group as well as member the a religion. There might be part Parsis in Pakistan. Words Parsi is acquired from “Pars” or Persian.

In the 1990s were roughly 135,000 practitioners that Zoroastrianism living in Iran. They comprised less 보다 0.2 percent of the population. The is no clear how many remain today. They live in small communities in Yad, Kerman and also Tehran. In Iran Zoroastrians space not well-known as Parsis. Lock are well-known as Gabar, Gabr, Guebre and Zardoshti. Countless Muslim Iranians regard them as infidels.

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Zoroastrianism and Other Religions

Zoroastrian tomb Zoroastrianism is pertained to as the first religion come teach monotheism, the id in one can be fried god, a cornerstone belief in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism is said to have been influenced by Zoroastrianism once the Jews were in exile in Babylon once it was under the dominance of the Persians. These impacts were pass on to Christianity and also Islam.

many of the personalities and also concepts in Judaism and also Christianity developed from Zoroastrianism, The three Wise guys that went to the new-born Christ in Bethlehem and many of the Persian kings discussed in the Old testament were Zoroastrians. The ideas of Satan, angels, monotheism, Messiahs, the last judgment, the Resurrection, the Apocalypse, Heaven and also Hell were all presented by Zoroastrianism.

Zoroastrianism is likewise regarded together the an initial universal religion, meaning that it no a tribal belief like Judaism or the Egyptian religion, which were originally linked with one tribe, group of civilization or kingdom. Indigenous its beginning Zoroastrianism aimed to convert world of every backgrounds and tribes. It invited outsiders and said that salvation was theirs if they adopted the religion. It was tolerant of various other religions in that world were judged on the communication of their deeds no their faith.


little is known around the genuine Zoroaster various other than that he probably lived in northeast Iran sometime between the 15th century and the sixth century B.C. That is thought that he was a priest that was provided messages indigenous God in a series of visions type of choose Mohammed was. What are thought to be his native are included in the Gathas, the earliest writings in Zoroastrianism. Zoroaster is thought to have come indigenous a an ar between the Hindu Kush and Seistan. Part historians believe that he may have actually lived in Margiana in contemporary Turkmenistan.

according to spiritual texts, the Prophet Zoroaster (known as Zarathustra in Iran) was born come a 15-year-old virgin roughly the 7th century B.C., as soon as it was thought that all saviors born after him would be born to 15-year-old virgins. As soon as he was fifteen he specialized his life to religion.

once Zoroastrian to be 30 he had a series of revelations and was provided instruction by Ahura Mazda (the Zoroastrian God) to uncovered the Zoroastrian religion. He began preaching his faith and also converted countless people. The religion took off after King Vishtaspa to be converted as soon as Zoroaster was approximately 40.

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prefer Jesus, Zoroaster stood up to temptations, performed miracles and also converted new followers through his charismatic sermons. That married the daughter of King Vishtaspa and used the king’s resources to spread the word of religion. He had actually two sons and also a daughter and was supposedly murdered as soon as he was in his seventies.