Click the alien. Acquire the key.Click all the orange balls. The critical one has the key.Click every the aliens it spins you see the one with the key. Acquire the key.Click the green shoot plenty of times. It will grow and also bear fruit.Click the fruit so they drop to the floor, and also then click castle till you discover the key.If you move the height layer of hardwood to the right, you’ll check out a hole. When you move each dashboard to the left again, relocate the panel underneath it. You will see the key on the right.Hit every the blocks through the round till you see the key.Move the aliens the end of the way. The crucial is behind the last one.Click every the spots on the ball so they are all white. Get the key.When one alien appears on a TV screen, click it. It’ll continue to be there. As soon as you click every one of them, the critical one you click will have actually the key.Just type key!Drag each alien to the ideal till a brand-new one appears. The third one has actually the key.Same together level 6, however hit each block v the sphere twice.Sway the tree native left to appropriate vigorously, it rotates you check out the key. Acquire the key.Put your mouse over one alien, and also trace the orange path with your mouse till you acquire to the 2nd alien and get the key. Go off the path and you need to start again.Drag the ball to the height of the screen, and also let that drop, therefore that when the sphere touches the floor, the floor go down. Do this repeatedly and get the key.Make every the balls white to gain the key, however be aware that if lock touch every other, they’ll go earlier to gray.Make the hole on the orange ball go under wards. The key’ll fall out. Obtain the key.Right click, and click key!Same together level 10, yet this time the an essential is in a glass orb. Drag the rope so the the glass orb is at the height of the screen, then let go. The glass will smash. Pull the rope ago up again and get the key.Drag one ball to the various other in together a method so that the sphere hits the block on the political parties of the wall. When all the blocks have gone, the vital will appear.Same together level 9, but if you click few of the aliens, then miss one, the aliens girlfriend got currently will go!Same together level 5, however there space 3 layers of wood. Traction the very first layer come the right, climate the height 2 layers come the left, and finally all 3 layers come the right. Gain the key.Same as level 15, but there room 4 aliens. I would certainly suggest beginning from the height left in one anti-clockwise order, so that you only have to follow among the horizontal wiggly lines.Hit the paddles 99 times. If the ball goes the the screen, you have to start again. Really tricky, uneven you fight the sweet spot whereby the ball only goes vertically up and down, and you don’t need to do anything.Click the keyhole. An alien will look at you, and also then let girlfriend in.Enjoy!

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level 22 is tough the tv's walk away when you try to acquire the others.

October 27, 2012 in ~ 1:38 PM

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When ns pull the rope ~ above level 10, no crucial comes up. What am i doing wrong? Please assist me!!!!!!!!!!!