Let’s just call today’s piece for what that is – a semi-tribute to a singer I had never also heard of until about a month ago. It’s a rabbit-hole-fluff type of piece. If friend were in search of deep, or thought-provoking, or inspirational, you won’t find it right here today. Instead, you’re gaining 800 words around an artist you’ve more than likely never heard of uneven you taken place to live in Canada at some allude in your life.

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I’ve listened come a many 80’s music, and still carry out to this day. I know a lot about various bands and also artists and also their songs. I’ve most likely heard and would recognize any top 20 struggle from the decade. But occasionally a song comes top top that provides me stop for a 2nd and walk “whaaat… that is that?… i don’t think I’ve ever heard this song.”

That usually leads come me turning the station and also never wanting come hear the tune again. It commonly occurs through songs that might have cracked the charts in the U.S., yet never climbed into mainstream play on the regional radio stations.

This arisen to me again the other day through a tune that made me stop and go “who is this guy, and what is he to sing about? Soda?” It’s rare when any kind of 80’s song or lyric renders me laugh or do a dual take, however that’s simply what a Canadian singer with disastrous 80’s hair did come me.

“Might too go because that a soda. It’s much better than slander, it’s far better than lies.”

The singer’s surname is Kim Mitchell and also the song is a rare gem dubbed “Go because that Soda.”

The song is actually pretty catchy, and also during the 80’s supposedly served as an anti-drinking and driving anthem endorsed by MADD (Mothers against Drunk Driving). It has been featured in one advertising campaign for Mr. Pibb, and been featured in the hit 80’s TV display “Miami Vice” (if girlfriend have any kind of desire, it plays v the very first two minute of this illustration from season two called “Buddies”).

I will certainly warn you that the chorus has the potential to obtain stuck in your head. For this reason if you’re like me, and inclined to sometimes wake up at 2 in the morning through a chorus of a song running with your head, this is a definite candidate for that!

When you clock the video clip at the finish of this item you’ll notice Kim jumping on one old college remote regulate for the television. I love that part of the video clip because the reminds me of the box I supplied to have actually in mine bedroom in the mid to so late 80’s only I had actually the various other variation which rather of buttons had a slider come switch between channels.

The box with the buttons or slider plugged directly into a cable crate by the tv through a long cord for this reason you could actually readjust channels from her chair or bed or couch as long as the cord was long enough.


Besides gift an adorable photo of my sister and also our black color poodle battle each other taken on my bed in my house in Norman, OK, you deserve to see the old school remote control to mine old black and also white tv.

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Max Webster

So when I heard “Go because that Soda,” I additionally thought to myself that ns hope this song has an awesomely 80’s video somewhere. And, i couldn’t have actually been much more pleased once it popped appropriate up upon my find for it. It’s one of those videos that is therefore bad, I want to clock it again a couple of more times. Now, get yourself ready to “rawk” with Kim Mitchell and “Go because that Soda”…

Thanks because that the rabbit-hole indulgence today and also I hope you listen to some an ext Kim Mitchell. Shot “Patio Lanterns,” “Rock N’ role Duty,” or “Lager & Ale” because that a couple of more of my favorites the his.

And kids, remain away from soda. A deserve to of coke has 39 grams the sugar! that stuff cleans corroded battery terminals, so it deserve to probably perform the exact same to you!