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Celebrate the day of the week of Manic Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wednesday (hump day), and Thursday with a playlist of pop, rock, country, and also R&B songs.

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When it involves days of the week, Fridays and weekends are prefer the favorite kid everyone clamors to spend time with. They room the social media–shareable, fun-filled facility of our world. The various other days of the week sulk in the background, emotion neglected, ugly, or maligned in comparison. (Try to discover someone who loves Monday.)

Since weekdays are where the vital stuff happens, why not provide Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and also Thursday a tiny bit of love through a playlist the pop, rock, country, and R&B song to celebrate? We have actually a long list to start you off!

1. "Manic Monday" through The Bangles

Morning comes every too shortly as the 6 o'clock alarm jolts the festival in this 1986 pop-rock song awake from she comfy dream. While she mind is still stuck on wishing it was Sunday, this functioning woman knows she demands to kick it in gear and also rush to the office. Her boss is eagerly awaiting there, ready to jumpstart the workweek. This worldwide hit was among the numerous songs the Prince penned for various other artists.

2. "Thursday" by Jess Glynne

Thursday take away on all new meaning for this live independence woman together she embraces her identity and also practices self-love. The 2018 uptempo mrs empowerment song attributes a reflective narrator who plans to get ago to basics this Thursday by dressing down, going sans makeup and spending the job by herself. She'll dance, sing, lay roughly just shower in she loneliness, and will do every little thing else she wants. The woman in this uptempo pop tune wants to feel beautiful within her own skin simply because she is enough.

3. "Tuesday" by ILoveMakonnen (Featuring Drake)

This cool R&B/rap ditty came to be a worldwide hit double in 2 years, prove that civilization don't listen to text (or possibly don't care). The medicine dealing dude in the 2014 song has his weekends booked v illegal company activities. Mr. Busy misses the partying lifestyle, therefore he pencils in Tuesdays as club nights.

In 2016, the song's original lyrics were slightly altered and became a an international hit for Turkish DJ/producer Burak Yeter and American singer/songwriter Danelle Sandoval. The whole civilization was thus grooving come this song around dealing cocaine.

4. "Come Monday" by Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett composed this 1974 autobiographical country-pop typical for his wife, Jane, and it ended up being one of his best hits. Vice versa, most world dread Mondays, Buffett explains being far from his mam for a labor Day Weekend concert in California. He looks forward to reuniting with her on Monday upon returning home.

As a result of his career that has spanned over 5 decades, Buffett is just one of the world's wealthiest musicians. Don't assume, however, that the beach-loving musician is associated to service tycoon Warren Buffett. The two might share a critical name, but that's simply a coincidence. They have been good friends due to the fact that the 1990s.

5. "Rainy Days and Mondays" by the Carpenters

Rainy days and Mondays are currently a drag, however Karen Carpenter yes, really emphasizes exactly how depressing they deserve to be. This emotional ballad native 1971 is favor wrapping up in a cold structure wet blanket. (But together a mellow voice!)

The sullen woman in the tune complains that she feels old, desires to quit. She remarks the she talks to it s her (don't we all, just a small bit?). The Debbie Downer is frowning and also suffers one more spell of the blues yet says she doesn't want to comment on it. The troubled narrator simply wants come hang roughly her loved one (probably for this reason she deserve to sink their mood too.) This is among those boring songs that plays in the background as you traction the covers up over your head, do the efforts to track out the ache of the world.

6. "Thursday" by The Weeknd

Imagine acquiring told once you call your boo top top Wednesday that you're the Thursday girl, no the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday girl. Um, excuse me?

That's what the bold guy in this 2011 popular music song has actually the cahoonas come tell his lady friend when she contacts him. The desperate mrs responds through tears together he tells she to "get beautiful" for morning night. Together if.

7. "Thursday" by pets Shop guys (Featuring Example)

If the male in this 2013 electronic-infused pop song has it his way, his weekend will certainly be beginning early. It's Thursday night and also he implores his love interest to relive their old memories and also spend a four-day weekend with him. Let your tryst begin:

It's Thursday nightLet's get it rightI want to knowYou're gonna remain for the weekendStarting tonight.

8. "It sure Is Monday" by mark Chesnutt

After partying indigenous Friday v Sunday, the cowboy in this 1993 country song is sure paying because that his wild weekend as he struggles to start his workweek. The should've just dubbed off job-related on Monday. Instead, he mirrors up late and also catches a little shuteye in the ago of his pickup after ~ lunch. To be fair, this is not Monday's fault.

9. "New Moon ~ above Monday" through Duran Duran

The communist governments of eastern Europe to be still in power as soon as this track was released in 1984. However, in a cloaked manner, it references a fictional resistance movement, "La Luna," the stands against an oppressive governmental regime. The tune expresses hope for a brand-new beginning in the near future, top top Monday. Duran Duran was among the greatest bands of the 1980s and was vested a star ~ above the Hollywood walk of Fame.

10. "Monday Monday" by The Mamas and The Papas

Monday is a day the can't it is in trusted, follow to the downhearted fella in this 1966 classic song through the groovy sixties vocal group, The Mamas and also The Papas. The song features a narrator who was exit without warning by his partner. Every time Monday rolls around it is a sad reminder of all the he has actually lost.

The Grammy Award-winning song was The Mama and The Papa's just #1 hit. "Monday Monday" was the very first song with a job of the week in the title by any kind of artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 list. Amazingly, lead vocalist man Phillips created the song under push in only 20 minutes. The iconic individual rock group was inducted into both the Vocal team Hall the Fame and the Rock and Roll hall of Fame.

11. "Except because that Monday" through Lorrie Morgan

Don't you dislike it when you lastly run into your ex, particularly if lock dumped you and the pains is still fresh? The woman in this 1991 country ditty is safety a night top top the city on a Sunday night. Together she kicks up she heels, her previous beau records her eye, and also she make the efforts to convince him exactly how her life is ~ above the upswing due to the fact that their breakup:

Except for Monday, which to be never good anyway,Tuesday, I obtain a small sideways,Wednesday, i feel better, simply for spite,Thursday and Friday take also long,Before I understand it, Saturday's gone,But it's Sunday nowAnd you have the right to bet the I'm alright.

12. "C U following Tuesday" through Kesha

Whoa, is the vixen in this 2010 pop tune ballsy. ~ dancing every night and hooking up with a stranger, it's currently morning. She realizes the he's a player who has actually a girlfriend for this reason she tells him she doesn't need his drama. Then, through a dismissive air, ours narrator suggests to her one-night stand that if she needs him again she'll call. The recommendation to following Tuesday is more than likely a means of calling the a an extremely derogatory surname (look at the resources letters in the track title). He's met his complement with this dirty girl.

13. "Waiting because that Love" through Avicii (Featuring Simon Aldred)

Although time and distance may separate girlfriend from the one you organize dear, trust that love will discover a way. In this 2015 around the world popular digital dance song, the narrator recounts being maintained apart by circumstance from his darling. Absent her burns a hole in his heart for much of the week. Together the main progresses, however, there is a glimmer the hope for reuniting:

Monday left me brokenTuesday, ns was v with hopingWednesday, my empty arms to be openThursday, wait for love, waiting for loveThank the stars it's FridayI'm burning prefer a fire gone wild ~ above SaturdayGuess i won't be coming to church top top SundayI'll be wait for love, wait for love come come around.

As this lonely male grows ever closer come reconnecting through his love one, his trust grows the love is without doubt unstoppable.

14. "Wednesday Night Interlude" by Drake (Featuring PartyNextDoor)

The guy in this 2015 low-key R&B number is trying come score part points v raw emotional honesty if his honey deserve to just prevent yapping. A former lover just happens to speak to him on a Wednesday when his bed is empty and also he's needing part love. The confesses to her—shush because that a minute—that if she's to be living the high life, he's to be lonely lately and also wants to stir points up with a small happy hump job action. You know, part emotional connection however no strings attached.

15. "Tuesday Morning" by The Pogues

Tuesday morning point out a bittersweet transforming point in this couple's life since it's the last occasion the narrator will embrace his partner prior to she claims goodbye because that bigger and much better things in life. Thereafter, each Tuesday morning represents a ache reminder that what he has lost as he recalls she shining eyes v gentle fondness. The chipper sound of timeless Irish tools in the 1993 folk-rock tune betrays its blog post of sorrow and also loss.

16. "Crying prefer a Church top top Monday" by new Radicals

There's nothing emptier 보다 a church ~ above Monday. That's exactly how the guy in this heartrending alt-rock breakup track from 1998 describes the hollow emotion in his heart. When his ex has actually moved on to an additional partner, that dances just with her storage while praying for his feelings to disappear. Struggling to forget her, the lovelorn narrator ponders whether he'll always yearn for she in the recesses the his mind whereby it's loneliest.

17. "Wednesday Morning" by Macklemore

The 2016 choice was an emotionally gut beat for numerous Americans. Reality television actor Donald trumped was elected the 45th us President despite losing the renowned vote by nearly 3 million votes.

In this 2016 song, rapper Macklemore poignantly explains waking up on the Wednesday morning after choice day v a "bad taste, poor taste in my mouth." the feels apprehensive about his young daughter's future. The track touches on concerns about social justice and also building walls, women's rights, and also gay rights, and also the singer urges listeners to standing up for children and the oppressed. Quite than moving to Canada, he advocates for resistance and resilience.

18. "If We're Not earlier in Love by Monday" by Merle Haggard

With standard Haggard angst, this twangy 1977 country hit records the desperation of a male whose marriage is hanging by a thread. In a critical ditch attempt to salvage what's left, that begs his mam to leaving their children with a trusted babysitter because that the weekend when they walk to Florida whereby they very first fell in love. He wishes that a pair days the room service, romance, and a expedition down memory lane will certainly rekindle the passion and also prevent divorce. In case it doesn't, however, he throws it the end there, "If we're not ago in love through Monday, we deserve to go our separate ways."

19. "Taco Tuesday" by Lil Jon

Fire up the Mariachi band because it's Taco Tuesday! Chalk the braided language in this 2019 mexico food anthem up to too numerous margaritas. The song is pure fun and is inspired by NBA basketball star LeBron James' unmatchable love and enthusiasm because that the south-of-the border food. Lil Jon celebrates spicy tacos and enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, chips and salsa, and other an excellent Mexican dishes. Mark your calendars because that Taco Tuesday!

LeBron James loves Taco Tuesday so much that he in reality tried come trademark the term. However, a Wyoming-based taco chain dubbed Taco John's has owned the rights since 1989.

20. "I Don't have to Be Me ('til Monday)" through Steve Azar

Consider this irradiate hearted 2001 country ditty an invitation for a three-day weekend getaway. There's a shiny new car in the driveway begging for a road trip to anywhere. The happy-go-lucky narrator theatre hooky from job-related on Friday. V a stop at the ATM to add a full tank of gas, he have the right to be totally free from the pressures of work-related until it's earlier to the grindstone top top Monday again. This country tune crossed end to the mainstreamBillboard warm 100, and also because it was the only song by Azar ever before to perform so, the made him a one-hit wonder.


"May her coffee be strong and your Monday be short." - Unknown

Even much more Songs about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

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SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. "Thank God It's Monday"



22. "Monday Blues"

Kylie Minogue


23. "Monday Morning Church"

Alan Jackson


24. "I Don't choose Mondays"

The Boomtown Rats


25. "Tuesday Heartbreak"

Stevie Wonder


26. "Monday Monday Monday"

Tegan and Sara


26. "The Happy Mondays"

The Innocence Mission


27. "Tuesday"

Five for Fighting


28. "Blue Monday"

Fats Domino


29. "Make it Till Monday"

The Verve


30. "Wednesday Lover"

Jagged Edge


31. "Monday"



32. "Monday Morning"

Fleetwood Mac


33. "Monday Morning"

Death Cab because that a Cutie


34. "Thursday"



35. "Blue Monday"

New Order


36. "Then below Came Monday"

Dwight Yoakum


37. "Thursday's Child"

David Bowie


38. "Permanent Monday"

Jordin Sparks


39. "Tuesday's Gone"

Lynyrd Skynyrd


40. "Tuesday's Broken"



41. "Thursday"

Jim Croce


42. "Call the Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is just as Bad)"

The Allman brothers Band


43. "Saturday Love"

Cherelle (Featuring Alexander O'Neal)


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FlourishAnyway (author) native USA on march 17, 2021:

Heidi - many thanks for the add. Hooray for the 80s! have a good rest of your week!

Heidi Thorne indigenous Chicago Area on march 16, 2021:

My add is, that course, 80s. "Saturday Love" by Cherrelle. Most human being know it by the "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Satur-daaayyy love" lyrics.

Happy Tuesday!

FlourishAnyway (author) indigenous USA on march 16, 2021:

Mary - You're sweet to come by and also give this a whirl. Thank you. Have a delightful week, to ~ lady.

Mary Norton native Ontario, Canada on march 15, 2021:

Flourish, one more collection of songs i love come hum as I can't memorize most of the words. "Monday, Monday" is just one of these. Many thanks for reminding me the the others.

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FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on in march 14, 2021:

Peggy - The 1990s group Wilson Philips additionally recorded The Mama and also The Papa's song, "Monday Monday." i agree that when you're retired, the days do kinda mix in. It sure beats the different of functioning every day. Say thanks to you for stopping by. I hope you space doing well.