Nia-Malika Henderson Bio, Age, Dating, Marriage, Networth, CNN, Salary

Political Journalist and also Anchor

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Nia is a an extremely hard working woman. She has actually spent most of she life telling stories around political events and making them easily available for consumption. Keep in touch v us. We will soon provide you v her detailed information as shortly as that is revealed.

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Nia-Malika Henderson: Career, CNN, Obama

Henderson started her career creating for, “The Baltimore Sun”, and then “Newsday’s nationwide staff”. Further, Nia extended Barrack Obama’s 2008 campaign, the autonomous National Convention, together its command reporter. Except this, she likewise covered the Obama management for ‘politico’. In 2010, she joined The Washington Post. She offered as a reporter for The Washington post from 2010 to 2015. While working there, she extended the 2012 presidential campaign, the 2010 mid-term elections, the White House, and additionally anchored your Election 2012 blog.

Soon ~ leaving The Washington Post, Nia joined CNN in 2015. As its senior political anchor and also reporter, she covered the 2016 election, Donald Trump’s administration, and likewise the democratic Party. Moreover, she additionally reported the candidates of Republican and Democratic during the election season in 2016.

Nia-Malika Henderson: Networth & Salary

As of 2020, she has gathered an approximated networth the $5 million. Since she is among the most established journalists, she could be earning a value much better than other journalists. According to some sources, CNN is paying her $1 Million every year as of now. There are no doubts, she will certainly be collecting a large amount in the surrounding future. Except this, she additionally owns a lavish mansion in Washington DC.

Height, Weight, and also Social Media Appearance

Nia is 5 feet 9 inch tall. She has gained a slim body. She has actually brown fancy hair and eyes. Besides, she there is no discloed her other body measurements including her weight.

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Talking around her social media life, she is not that active in these fields. Currently, she is active on Twitter. As of now, she has 47.7k followers on Twitter.