No an ext energy have the right to be removed from issue at a. Its freezing point. B. 0ºC. C. Absolute zero. D. 273 K.

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User: No an ext energy deserve to be eliminated from issue ata.its freeze point.b.0ºC.c.absolute zero.d.273 K. No an ext energy can be removed from matter at: c. Pure ZERO. User: The activity of thermal energy from a warmer object to a cooler thing is calleda.heat.b.temperature.c.motion.d.momentum.
absolute zero is shown as 0 on the Kelvin scale. User: The an ext particles a substance contends a offered temperature, the an ext thermal power it has. (More) most gasoline engines room D. Four -stroke engines< > User: A frozen refrigerator requiresa.combustion.b.a refrigerant.c.warm air.d.radiation. a. Combustion. User: most cars contain external burning engines. (More)


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