about The Rain

"The Rain" is a 1986 crossover hit solitary originally carry out by R&B singer Oran "Juice" Jones, which he exit on and from his debut album Juice. The song"s lungemine.com encompass a lengthy recitation at the end; written by Vincent Bell, who likewise composed the music, lock involve a male confronting his girlfriend concerning her infidelity.

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I saw you (and him, and also him) wade in the rainYou to be holding hands and also I"ll never ever be the sameTossing and transforming another sleepless nightThe rain crashes against my window paneJumped right into my car--didn"t drive as well farThat moment I knew ns would never be the sameCause I observed you (and him, and also him) walking in the rainYou to be holding hands and also I"ll never ever be the sameNow here you are begging to meTo offer our love another tryGirl ns love you and I constantly willBut darling right now I"ve obtained to speak goodbyeCause I observed you (and him, and him) go in the rainYou were holding hands and I"ll never ever be the sameI experienced you (and him) walking in the rainYou to be holding hands and I"ll never be the sameHey, hey, baby, exactly how you doin", which in hereGot some hot coco on the oven waitin" because that yaListen, very first things first, allow me cave up the coatYeah, "n" how"s your day today, did ya miss out on me?Oh, friend did, yeah, i missed you, tooI missed friend so much I adhered to you todayThat"s rightNow close your mouthCause girlfriend cold bustedThat"s right, currently sit under hereSit down hereSo upset through you ns don"t understand what come do"n" my first impulse was to run up on youAnd do a RamboWhip the end the jammy and flat-blast both of youBut ns ain"t wanna mess up this thirty-seve hundred dollar lynx coatSo instead, i chilledThat"s right, chilled, climate I visited the bankTook the end every dimeAnd then ns went and also canceled all those credit transaction cardsYeahAll your charge accountsYeahI grounding you up because that every item of jewelry I ever bought youYeahThat"s right, everythingEverythingDid stupid out v meNaw, don"t go, you ever go, don"t go looking in the closetCause you ain"t got nothing in thereEverything you came below with--Is packe dup and also waiting for you in the guest roomThat"s right, what was you reasoning about, huh?What to be you tryin" come prove, huh?You"s with the Juice"n" I offered you silk suits, Gucci handbags, blue diamondsI gave you points you couldn"t even pronounceNow i can"t give you nothin" yet adviceCause you"re tho youngThat"s right, you"re still youngI hope you learn a beneficial lesson from all thisYou know?Gonna find someone like me one of these daysUntil then, recognize what you gotta do?You gotta obtain on outta here with thatAlley-cat-coat wearin"Hush-puppy-shoe-wearing"Crumb cake I experienced you withCause girlfriend dismissedThat"s right, stunner rabbitTricks are created kids, don"t you understand that?You there is no me: like cornflake without the milkIt"s my world--you simply a squirrel, tryin" to get a nutNow acquire on outta hereAh!Don"t touch the coat!

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Oran "Juice" Jones Oran "Juice" Jones (born 1959), regularly incorrectly cited together Orange "Juice" Jones, is a retirement American soul and R&B singer. An ext »