|P1351 GMC code feasible causes

Faulty Ignition control ModuleIgnition regulate Module harness is open or shortedIgnition manage Module circuit bad electrical connection

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|How execute I settle the P1351 GMC code?

Check the "Possible Causes" detailed above. Visually inspect the associated wiring harness and connectors. Check for damaged components and also look because that broken, bent, thrust out, or corroded connector"s pins.

|Cost that diagnosing the P1351 GMC code

Labor: 1.0

The price of diagnosing the P1351 GMC code is 1.0 hour the labor. The auto repair"s diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle"s make and also model, and also even your engine type. Many auto repair shops charge in between $75 and also $150 every hour.

|When is the P1351 GMC password detected?

The Powertrain regulate Module (PCM) detects an open in the Ignition manage Module (ICM)

|P1351 GMC code description

The Ignition regulate Module (ICM) has independent power and also ground circuits. The circuits in between the ICM and also the Powertrain regulate Module (PCM) consists of the adhering to circuits:-The ignition manage (IC) timing signal-The IC timing control-The low resolution engine speed signal-The tool resolution engine signal-The camshaft place signal-The short referenceThe ICM sends out 3X signal to the PCM, and controls the timing advance during engine cranking. The timing development changes come PCM control after the complying with actions occur:The PCM obtain the second 3X signalThe PCM applies 5 volts come the ignition manage (IC) timing signal circuit.The ICM monitors the CKP sync signal as soon as the engine is cranking. The CKP sync signal is passed indigenous the CKP sensor to the ICM on the CKP sensor 2 signal circuit. The CKP sync signal is supplied to recognize the exactly cylinder pair and initiate the ignition coil shoot sequence. The 18X referral pulses are passed indigenous the CKP sensor come the ICM top top the CKP sensor 1 circuit. The 18X reference pulses are supplied for fuel injection and also ignition control. ~ the ICM receive both signals, the ICM overcome the 18X and also 3X referral signals to the PCM. The CMP and also the CKP sensors re-publishing a 12 volt reference and low referral circuit. The CKP sensor consists of the following circuits:-A 12 volt reference-A short reference-A CKP sensor 1 signal-A CKP sensor 2 signal

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|Need help with a P1351 GMC code?

acquire the P1351 Gmc password diagnosed through a professional: find a repair shop in her area

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|P1351 GMC code comments

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