Paintballing is a good expensive hobby, so as soon as you’re done play you need to recognize where to sell paintball guns (and attachments and also gear and…). Just like buying your very first paintball gun, marketing paintball firearms can it is in a bit tricky if you’ve never done the before, due to the fact that you have the right to absolutely obtain cheated (boo!) and leave money top top the table.

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Here’s that fast list the the best places to market paintball guns:

Classified adsCraigslisteBayFacebookGarage salePaintball fields and also facilitiesPaintball forums and also message boardsPaintball storesPawn shopsFriends

But WAIT! This article not only covers “where have the right to I offer my paintball gun”, but also how to market paintball guns and also get optimal dollar…so keep reading, quitter. 😛

Table of Contents

1. Share Ads

These are commonly ads bought and placed in your regional newspaper, and also most now offer an online version as well.

Additionally, there may be weekly circulars explicitly targeting a details geographic area or demographic.

These might charge a fee, but it may be a an excellent option depending upon your target buyer.

2. Craigslist

Craiglist is obtainable pretty much everywhere and is a straightforward option for offering locally, particularly if girlfriend don’t desire to resolve shipping.

You deserve to do the on a computer or usage the app. It’s easy to post, but you will certainly likely need to negotiate ~ above price and work with world to determine a time and also place for them come look at your paintball gun. 

To help in few of this indigenous the get-go, make certain you accurately and thoroughly describe it. Take quality photos reflecting all elements of your paintball gun.

Make sure you encompass a method for them to call you. The downfall that Craigslist is the number of spammers, for this reason a good way to execute this is to have the call information it is in the automatic email that doesn’t show your really email until you begin replying.

3. EBay

eBay may or might not be a good option together there space some downfalls come going this route.

First, you should follow very certain guidelines. If you’ll have actually an global audience, you’ll additionally have to attend to their return policy and also whatever payment choice is liked by your buyer.

You must be able to accurately describe your paintball gun and administer photos. Depending upon what your paintball pistol is worth, it might be much less hassle to pursue various other options.

4. Facebook

Like Craigslist, facebook is a good option for in your ar selling her paintball gun, and also it now has actually a shipping option. You’ll want to include great photos and also a thorough summary to avoid a barrage of questions.

If friend cross-post, be all set to answers to human being from multiple pages, and keeping monitor of that was very first to inquire can be a hassle. However, there may be less room for them come negotiate if over there is a lot of interest.

5. Garage Sale

Depending ~ above the value of her paintball gun, this may or might not it is in a great option. If your paintball gun has actually higher-end or tradition features, you might not have the ability to get what you want for it in ~ a garage sale.

However, if you’re selling something usual or inexpensive, you never know who might decide come buy a paintball pistol on a whim. However on the note, if you haven’t tried selling your much more expensive gun in other places yet, put a price tags on it, throw it on the table, and also see what happens!

6. Paintball Fields and Facilities

If you’re a consistent to the paintball field, girlfriend likely know the owner, employees, and also other players.

Spread the word that you room trying to offer your paintball gun. Word-of-mouth have the right to be terrific sales technique. If there is a bulletin plank for placing up flyers, create one the lists your gun’s specifics, any type of upgrades, your contact information, and also include a good photo. 

7. Paintball Forums and Message Boards

You will reach a much bigger audience by listing here, and it’s wherein you’ll uncover the paintball total experts. If you have actually a tradition gun or one through some luxury modifications, this is where human being will appreciate its value.

You will most likely need to it is registered to the forum and also look particularly for its classified section. Fill in the information about your gun, any modifications, perform price, and contact information. Be all set to negotiate shipping and also payment options, although some may have actually a built-in capacity because that both.

8. Paintball Stores

There are obviously digital stores that sell paintball guns, but if there is a paintball pistol specialty store in your area, this is also great place to consider.

They will likely take paintball weapons on consignment, trade, or even buy them outright. To consign, the seller tells the store what sale price they desire to put on the paintball gun. The gun is then left in the store for client to look at (often in addition to other consignment guns), and also if it sells, the keep gets a predetermined percentage of the sale.

There might be some added fees, but that have to be disclosed by the store when you go into into a consignment agreement. Additionally, paintball stores are likely to take it trades, for this reason you might get credit in the direction of a brand-new gun by trade in her old one.

9. Pawn Shop

Pawnshops work-related two ways:

You can either sell your paintball gun bald or “pawn” it, definition the pawnshop loan you a part of the item’s worth temporarily. To acquire it back, friend repay the loan and interest fees.

Keep in psychic you will not obtain what your gun is worth, either together a pawn or marketing outright, for this reason this choice is ideal for once you’re desperate for cash and have run out of various other options.

10. Come a Friend

Perfect the arts of selling paintball weapons on her friends!

Try inviting a friend follow me to play paintball and get them hooked. Loan them a spare or have actually them rent one.

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Once they decide they desire to invest in the game, sell to market them her old one! It’s simple to sell offered paintball guns to friends since they know that you’ve taken an excellent care of it.