„You've often heard me say – perhaps too frequently – the poetry is what is lost in translation. The is additionally what is lost in interpretation. That little poem means just what it says and also it says what it means, nothing less but nothing more.“

— Robert Frost, The road Not Taken

Robert Frost: A behind Look, by Louis Untermeyer (1964), p. 181960s

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„(…) the translator that prose is the slave of the author and the translator of city is his rival.“

— Andrei Makine French writer 1957


„So much gets shed in the translation. Even if you sat there listening to it with a microscope, there’s no way you’re gonna uncover out what it means.“

— candid Zappa American musician, songwriter, composer, and record and film producer 1940 - 1993

Oui interview (1979)


„Having to be borne across the world, we are translated men. The is normally claimed that something always gets lost in translation; ns cling, obstinately, to the notion that miscellaneous can also be gained.“

— Salman Rushdie british Indian novelist and essayist 1947


„If freedom and also naturalness are lost out the poetry, every little thing worth having is lost.“

— Lucy Larcom American teacher, poet, author 1824 - 1893

Journal entry (2 march 1861), Ch. 5 : The beginning of the War.Lucy Larcom : Life, Letters, and also Diary (1895)Context: I think the best poetry of our times is growing too artistic; the examine is also visible. If freedom and naturalness are lost out the poetry, everything worth having is lost.


„The only thing that deserve to save the world is the reclaiming that the awareness the the world. That's what poetry does. By city I mean the imagining of what has actually been lost and also what have the right to be found—the imagining of who we are and also the slow-moving realization that it.“

— Allen Ginsberg American poet 1926 - 1997

As quoted in C. F. Main & Peter J. Seng, Poems (Wadsworth posting Company, 1973), p. 3

„Something may have been shed in translation, however it certainly wasn't love“

— Erich Segal, publication The Class

Source: The Class

„Government exist to create and also preserve conditions in which people can analyze their principles into practical reality. In the best of times, much is shed in translation. However we try.“

— Gerald Ford American politician, 38th chairman of the United states (in office native 1974 come 1977) 1913 - 2006

1970s, State that the Union attend to (1975)Context: government exists come create and preserve problems in which civilization can translate their principles into practical reality. In the finest of times, much is shed in translation. But we try. Occasionally we have actually tried and failed. Always we have had the ideal of intentions.But in the recent past, we occasionally forgot the sound principles that guided us through most of ours history. We wanted to accomplish great things and solve age-old problems. And we became overconfident of ours abilities. Us tried to be a policeman abroad and the indulgent parent right here at home.We thought we might transform the nation through enormous national programs, yet often the program did not work. Too regularly they only made points worse. In our rush to accomplish an excellent deeds quickly, us trampled top top sound values of restraint and endangered the civil liberties of individuals. Us unbalanced our financial system by the huge and unprecedented growth of federal expenditures and borrowing. And we were not completely honest v ourselves around how much these programs would certainly cost and also how we would certainly pay because that them.

„Poetry is the vision in a man's spirit which he converts as finest he can with all the way at his disposal.“

— Paul fort French Poet 1872 - 1960

Preface to some Imagist Poets, Constable, 1916

„Poetry offers the fairest hope of restoring our shed unity the mind.“

— Richard M. Weaver American scholar 1910 - 1963

“The strength of the Word,” p. 53.Language is Sermonic (1970)

„However much poetry might be respect in Ireland, this respect an ext often translates, in practice, into tolerance and also acceptance, rather than support. City is a 'nice' point to live with, as long as it does no come also close.“

— Dennis O'Driscoll irish poet, doubter 1954 - 2012

Other Quotes

„It was amazing just how these occasions lost their impact, analyzed through the level gaze that a video screen.“

— Robert Charles Wilson, book Memory Wire

Source: memory Wire (1987), thing 4 (p. 33)

„It is in the translation the the innocence shed after the very first reading is revived under another guise, because the reader is as soon as again faced with a new text and also its attendant mystery. The is the unpreventable paradox of translation, and likewise its wealth.“

— Alberto Manguel writer 1948

The Translator as Reader, p. 273-274.A background of reading (1996)

„"I reject and also disown all my pre-2011 writings and also effusions, v the exemption of mine Greek translations, the poetry contained in the released collection One Exquisite quiet ".“

— David Myatt brothers writer 1950

Source: Disclaimer (2013) http://davidmyatt.wordpress.com/about/disclaimer-2/

„One should always be drunk. That's all the matters… but with what? with wine, with poetry, or through virtue, as you chose. Yet get drunk.“

— Charles Baudelaire French poet 1821 - 1867

„Poetry is what looks favor poetry, what sounds favor poetry. It is metrical composition.“

— J. V. Cunningham American writer 1911 - 1985

'Poetry, Structure and also Tradition' Dec 31 1939General

„Only in Russia poetry is respect – that gets human being killed. Is there almost everywhere else wherein poetry is so common a motive for murder?“

— Osip Mandelstam Russian poet and also essayist 1891 - 1938

Quoted in Nadezhda Mandelstam, Hope against Hope: A Memoir (1970), ch. 35

„Perhaps, sadly, in the end, cinema is just a translator's art, and you know what castle say around translators: traitors all.“

— Peter Greenaway British film director 1942

"105 year of depicted Text" in the Zoetrope All-Story, Vol. 5 No. 1.105 year of shown Text

„I desire to take it poetry come walk various other genres. I desire poetry come walk through various other genres. Once I began writing, this was my main concern: obtain out of poetry. Let poetry walk the roads of new York. Do her cosmopolitan. Check out the world. No in this estrofas, no in these stanzas, which are camisas de fuerza. I have to gain out that poetry. I have to do what James Joyce did to the novel: he take it the novel the end of the novel…“

— Giannina Braschi Puerto Rican writer 1953

On just how she really hopes to change poetry by happen it in the direction of visual art in “A Graphic change Talking poetry & national politics with Giannina Braschi” https://www.academia.edu/36916781/A_Graphic_Revolution_Talking_Poetry_and_Politics_with_Giannina_Braschi in Chiricú journal (2018)

„It is what you think that converts in the life you live.“

— T. B. Joshua Nigerian Christian leader 1963

On the require to think in your service - "TB Joshua speak On Beauty, Business" https://www.nigeriafilms.com/style/131-religion-section/29715-tb-joshua-speaks-on-beauty-business Nigeria films (March 23 2015)


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