Cut (HM01) is a normal type move that appeared very first in Generation ns to Generation VI. In Generation, i to III cut is provided to removed obstacles such together trees the block her way. Reduced is a really useful relocate that deserve to be also obtained v cheats or detect the item on that is location.

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Regarding learnset, Kartana is the only Pokemon that have the right to learn reduced by leveling up while many Pokemon can have reduced by HM. Kartana is discovered only in Generation VII.

Now, what Pokemon deserve to learn cut? There are plenty the Pokemon who deserve to able to find out cut; here are they.

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List of Pokemon Who have the right to Learn Cut

IMPORTANT: Generation 7 Pokemon have the right to only learn reduced move once taught from the ahead generations and also then moved to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

wdt_ID identifier Pokemon Generations kind
1 1 Bulbasaur 1-7 Grass/Poison
2 2 Ivysaur 1-7 Grass/Poison
3 3 Venusaur 1-7 Grass/Poison
4 4 Charmander 1-7 Fire
5 5 Charmeleon 1-7 Fire
6 6 Charizard 1-7 Fire/Flying
7 15 Beedrill 1-7 Bug/Poison
8 19 Rattata 3-7 Normal
9 20 Raticate 2-7 Normal
10 27 Sandshrew 1-7 Ground
ID Pokemon Generations Type

Cut (HM01) Locations

(Gen. I) Pokemon Red & Blue/Yellow – S.S. Anne(Gen. II) Pokemon gold & Silver/Crystal – Ilex Forest(Gen. III) Pokemon Red&Sapphire/Emerald- Rustboro City(Gen. III) Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen – S.S. Anne(Gen. IV) Diamond & Pearl/Platinum – Eterna City(Gen. IV) HeartGold and SoulSilver- Ilex Forest(Gen. V) black color & White – Striaton City(Gen. V) black color 2 & White 2 – Virbank City(Gen. VI) Pokemon X & Y – Parfum Palace(Gen. VI) Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire – Rustboro City


The HM reduced is a must-move because that every Pokemon player, and also it bring an enormous aid not only in cutting down blocking trees but likewise during a battle. Many of Pokemon can learn cut and also not simply the grass kind Pokemon.

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