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Product Description

Our operation principle is simple, we execute not stock every +50.000 part numbers, however offer girlfriend the best possible price on quality, brand-name products. Lead time is commonly 2 come 3 weeks yet depends on factory availability, and kind of product. After ~ placing an order, we will certainly reach you through an estimated delivery time. The price presented is for case quantity. Shop with confidence, all assets are original and also covered through manufacturer"s warranty.


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Air and Ocean Freight is obtainable upon request.We will discover a Freight Forwarder for your country.Cross References: Send us your filter list and we will quote your desired brand or lowest price.We take care of Export and also Shipping Documentation.We offer Technical support on every the commodities we sell.Want to find out more?, examine our educational ResourcesSome commodities are not accessible to market in the U.S. Or abroad.

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Other Details

Purolator filters are warranted to be cost-free from manufacturer"s defects in material, workmanship or style in accordance through the terms and also conditions defined below. ?Purolator automotive filters are produced to high top quality standards and guaranteed to satisfy fit, type and function in accordance with society of Automotive engineers (SAE) and International company for Standardization (ISO) check procedures.This restricted warranty is effective for the variety of miles and driving severity published in the owner?s auto manual as the recommended company interval because that filter replacements (“Warranty Period”). Purolator will certainly replace, free of charge, any type of Filter which, under normal conditions of use, is proven to be defective in material or workmanship and is within the guarantee Period. If Purolator additional determines, in its single discretion, that the alleged defective Filter resulted in engine damages during the vouch Period, Purolator will likewise repair or replace any type of damaged engine parts.New auto warranties remain in impact when Purolator filter are used in accordance come the engine manufacturer"s adjust intervals.??THIS restricted WARRANTY DOES no COVER misapplication, misinstallation and also damages or failure resulted in by rust or corrosion. THIS minimal WARRANTY IS VOID under the complying with circumstances:• usage of motor oil various other than the viscosity and type as encourage in the owner?s car manual;• damages or failure led to by misuse, negligence, modification, accidents or abuse;• damage or failure brought about by unauthorized business or usage of innocuous parts; and• filter which are submitted in a condition that prohibits trial and error to validate any kind of alleged defect or malfunction.Claims for engine repairs provided under this warranty should be submitted in ~ 30 job after exploration of damage. Purolator Technical solutions Department reserves the right to examine the engine and filter to recognize the quantity of damage and whether that was led to by a defective Purolator filter.? This guarantee DOES not COVER any type of product that has been subjected to misuse, neglect, negligence or accident, or that has been improperly maintained, activate or installed. The warranty go NOT use to any kind of damage to the product the is the an outcome of rust or corrosion. ??THIS guarantee IS IN LIEU that ALL various other WARRANTIES to express OR IMPLIED, including THE IMPLIED vouch OF MERCHANTABILITY and FITNESS because that A details PURPOSE i beg your pardon ARE specifically EXCLUDED. PUROLATOR SHALL no BE LIABLE because that CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL loss RESULTING native OR resulted in BY THE USE, OPERATION, fail OR DEFECT OF any PUROLATOR FILTER.This warranty offers you specific legal rights. Girlfriend may likewise have other rights which vary from state come state.For Purolator Product Warranty claims call: 1-800-848-3783 and also ask because that a retrieval kit.